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What is a UPS Battery Backup?

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is an important part of a comprehensive power delivery system. In the event of a power failure or power fluctuations, having a generator on your building is not enough to keep your computers going. A UPS is a battery that sits between a computer and the power that keeps it running. A UPS supplies power to your computers when power has failed and the building generators are spinning up.

Why do I need a UPS Battery Backup?

These some products offer a degree of protection for your PC from power problems, none of them can insulate your system from power troubles as well as these UPS systems from Alpha and Minuteman. In addition to filtering, enhancing or modifying the utility power, special circuitry and batteries are used to prevent you from losing power during a disruption (blackout) or voltage sag (brownout).

Anyone who uses their computer systems for any work purpose should be thinking seriously about getting one. If you consider your time valuable, a UPS can pay for itself the first time the power flickers or goes out.

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Alpha Uninterruptible Power Supplies

  • ALI Battery Backup Series

    Alpha’s ALI Elite uninterruptible power supply is a microprocessor-controlled, pure sinewave, line interactive UPS featuring advanced Auto Voltage Regulation (AVR) with boost and buck.

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  • CFR Battery Backup Series

    CFR's External Battery Packs (EBP) offer extended backup time for all CFR UPS models.

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  • Pinnacle Battery Backup Series

    Alpha’s Pinnacle Series UPS systems provide safe, clean, reliable power protection to networking equipment, telecommunication systems and other mission-critical applications.

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