RecordMyCalls USB Phone Line Recorder

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RecordMyCalls USB Phone Line Recorder
Perfect for Home and Small Business Records all Phones


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Product Description

Have you ever wished you could recall what was said by a client, attorney, doctor or personal acquaintance? Using a RecordMyCalls USB Phone Recorder is so easy to make it.

USB Phone Recorder allows the user to record all phone conversations on a single line into a voice database through a USB port of a computer automatically. It will also allow users to manage all stored recordings and information with powerful management software.

Size of Credit Card in length and width - Can easily be hidden

  • Crystal Clear pure digital sound...

  • Less than 5 minute installation - If you can plug in a phone you make this work

  • Save recorded files to your network drive, PC, CD or FTP Site.

  • Instant playback of a call through speakers

  • Minimal recording length capability. (New)

Recognizes and records your callers' ID - To search for call later...

  • Add notes to recorded files.

  • Send Recordings via Email

  • 2 Minute software install, easy to use and very efficient.

  • No tapes, No batteries. This is a maintenance free recorder.

  • Learn, change, and improve by listening to your recordings.

Records both regular or cordless phones - Both sides of the conversation...

  • Record manually or automatically when a call is made or a call comes in.

  • For home or office recording Records both sides of the conversation.

  • Search and Find a phone conversation instantly

  • Sound files are compressed therefore don't take up to much size on your hard disk

  • Listen to recordings through the speakers

Records all conversations regardless of what phone you pickup on the same phone line...

  • Automatically time & date stamps recorded files - For easy searching...

  • Record conference calls with ease.

  • Management software included

Install the USB Phone Recorder in less than 5 minutes...

This is how easy it is to install the software...

Product Features

  • Works with any PC or laptop running MS Windows Vista, XP or Windows 7 and 8
  • Records all calls from the phone line
  • Works with Cordless Phone
  • Easily connects to your phone line
  • Email important calls
  • Protect your self, family and business
  • Avoid expensive litigation

Product Documentation

View File USB Recorder Quick Guide