4-Phone RecordMyCalls USB Phone Line Recorder

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4-Phone RecordMyCalls USB Phone Line Recorder
Record All Calls from 4 Phones to Your PC or Server!


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Product Description

4-Line USB RecordMyCalls provides the same functionality as the original. Easily record all calls made from your phones right to your PC or Laptop. Have a small business? Hide this inconspicuously and record all phone conversations into a single database through the USB port automatically. Now you can monitor your work environment with ease.

Product Features

  • Works on All Phone Systems at home or office (Our competition can not say that.).
  • Works with PBX Systems, IP Phones, and headsets.
  • No additional hardware required.
  • Save your voice mail messages on your hard drive with USB Recorder.
  • The USB recorder connects through the handset cable and plugs into an available USB socket. A quick and intuitive installation procedure and you ready to start tracking your conversations.
  • Drop audio files onto your website, or send them via email to your colleagues, family, and friends.
  • One Year Warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Product Documentation

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