VoIP Paging System Interface Phone System Paging

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VoIP Paging System Interface Phone System Paging

Model # UTI1

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Product Description

The UTI1 VoIP Phone Paging Interface provides single-zone paging for one-way applications such as self-amplified speaker systems. It is compatible with all standard analog port types and includes two audio outputs with level controls, each of which can provide audio for 150 Bogen self-amplified speakers. A 24V DC @ 1A internal power supply is available to power external equipment.

uti1 diagram

Product Features

  • • Provides Interface for VoIP Phone Systems and Digital Phones Systems
  • • • Single-zone paging • Telephone interfaces: loop start trunk, ground start trunk, station access (analog ring-up), page port contact closure activation, page port voice activation • Simple 2-switch interface setup • Override paging (using loop start trunk or page port contact closure activation) • Programmable activation of AUX contacts • C-form contact • Two audio outputs (Page Only and Page with Background Music) both with level controls • Each output can provide audio drive for 150 selfamplified speakers • High impedance transformer-isolated background music input with volume control • Variable music mute • Night Ringer (contact closure activation) • Tone Trigger (tone and duration selectable, closureactivated) • Tone burst (2 to 7 sec), chime, and slow whoop tone selections • Pre-Announce/Confirmation Tone • Adjustable output limiter with threshold control and active indicator • Programmable timers control page duration (station and trunk) • DTMF programming • DTMF Block to help suppress DTMF tones over paging system Non-volatile memory for setup data (no backup battery required)
  • Setup Tone to assist in volume setting
  • Pluggable terminal strips
  • Microcontroller-based operation
  • Wall mounting flanges
  • Rack panel kit with security cover available (RPKUTI1 sold separately)
  • Two-Year Warranty