Bogen Voice Activated Telephone Relay Mutes Background Music

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Bogen Voice Activated Telephone Relay Mutes Background Music
Automatically Mutes Background Music During a Page

Model # VAR1

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Special Price $111.39

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Product Description

The VAR1 is a relay device that monitors audio activity over a wide range of input voltages and operates two sets of C-Form relay contacts in response to detected activity. The VAR1 can be used to detect voltages as low as signals directly from a microphone or as high as signals from 70V speaker systems. A low level output of the detected audio, transformer-isolated from the input, is also made available for use with other equipment. Can be used as a balanced low-impedance mic pre-amp, also.

Product Features

  • Two sets of C-Form (both N.O. and N.C.) relay contacts respond to audio activity
  • 4 levels of input signals: microphone, 600-ohm line, 25V, and 70V speaker systems
  • Built-in balanced, low noise, high gain microphone pre-amp
  • A transformer-isolated, 600-ohm small signal level output of the detected audio available
  • Trigger threshold adjustment
  • Adjustable release delay – 0.25s to 25s
  • Separate microphone pre-amp gain control
  • Relay active indicator light

Product Documentation

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