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Polycom is one of the pioneer companies worldwide for all video conferencing solutions. It offers its prospective clients latest gadgets for all telecommunication purposes. It helps users, in establishing the whole network for crystal clear and hassle-free conferencing by using the quality video conferencing equipment. When many high definition video conferencing systems are integrated, they form a wide business quality network for effective video conferencing. With its support, the end-user can have instant & smooth conferences within the company as well as with the people present at various distant locations.

Polycom gives its customers, the ideal video conferencing solutions in order to help them have hassle free and effective communication. In order to keep up with the market’s challenges, one has to keep his firm’s telecom products updated. It has video conferencing equipment to suit every business type whether big, medium or a small enterprise. It also provides telecom products for service sector like banks, hospitals and for educational institutions as well. The products are of wide range, as a result, everyone can choose according to the company’s budget and requirement. For installing various video conferencing systems, the conference user just need to mail his basic requirements and the rest is handled by our installing experts. The visiting team will first observe the ambiance of the user’s conference place, next they present their view point on what video conferencing equipment is needed and how it all will be done within the budget constraints. Once the budget is approved by the client, the process of installation is done keeping in mind the set deadline. Not only business houses, video conferencing solutions are also required by various schools and universities in order to have classes with the help of these sophisticated and effective video conferencing systems.

  • VSX 5000 Series (Entry Level Video Conferencing)

    Ideal solutions for essential video conferencing in any size organization, these products fulfill all of the requirements for productive, high quality audio and video communications.

    The new entry Polycom VSX 5000 is perfect for the smaller conference spaces offering superior audio with Polycom StereoSurroundTM delivering crisp natural sound, as well as outstanding video quality all within an affordable price. The Polycom VSX 5000 sits conveniently on top of the TV, plasma or LCD display and is as easy to use as a telephone. Combine the VSX 5000 with the Polycom Media and/or Video Cart to create a total meeting room solution.

    VSX 5000 Features And Benefits
  • VSX 6000 Series (Entry Level Video Conferencing)

    The Polycom VSX 6000 is a compact, entry-level set-top video conferencing system with built-in IP connectivity, ideal for small group applications. It offers all of the features you would expect in a high-end group video system with all the key features, but with a smaller footprint. Well suited for organizations with an IP network infrastructure and the need for a small group video conferencing product with a high-quality pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera.

    Users experience exceptional audio quality, including conversational stereo; and sharing data is simple and can be done cable-free with People+Content IP. The VSX 6000 comes in configurations that include a wide range of options for the needs of most meeting rooms, options such as carts and displays, multiple cameras, and integration with Polycom's SoundStation VTX 1000 conference phone.

    VSX 6000 Features And Benefits
  • VSX 7000 Series (Best Selling Conferencing Systems)

    The VSX 7000e is a split video conferencing solution for medium to large-sized conference rooms. Designed for flexibility, the Polycom VSX 7000e split system is ideal in an environment where there is a requirement to have the camera and video system separated.

    The VSX 7000e includes Polycom StereoSurround™ for optimal motion handling and video resolution and Pro-Motion™ video for smooth natural motion and sharp, clear images. VSX 7000e customers can combine the SoundStation VTX 1000 conference phone with their system, allowing them to make video calls through their conference phone and to use it as their stereo microphone, eliminating clutter and wires on a conference table.

    VSX 7000e Features And BenefitsVSX 7000s Features And Benefits
  • VSX 8000 Series (State of the Art Video Conferencing Systems)

    With considerations for form and function, the VSX 8000 is specially designed with professional integrators in mind. A sleek rack mount design, professional grade connectivity and versatile interoperability make this product the perfect choice for integrated and custom environments. The slim, highly integrated, 1U design includes balanced line level input, integrated VGA input supporting People+Content collaboration and versatile network modules that fit into the back of the codec.

    Polycom StereoSurround™ delivers crisp, natural voice clarity by using dual channel, Siren™ technology. Pro-Motion™ provides premium quality video at any bandwidth with smooth natural motion and sharp, clear images. The VSX 8000 also supports Pro-Motion™ H.264 for the highest quality images and TV-like motion.

    The VSX 8000 provides simplified dialing and enhanced performance by integrating with the SoundStation VTX 1000. The SoundStation VTX 1000 makes it possible to launch video calls right from the phone and capture soft voices clearly from anywhere in the room in crystal clear StereoSurround. It also eliminates the need for microphones and wires, for a clutter-free environment.

    VSX 8000 Features And Benefits