Advanced Door Controller

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Advanced Door Controller

Model # VIK-C-2000A

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Product Description

The C-2000A allows up to 4 entry phones to call into your existing residential or business phones or phone system. Tenants may answer the call, converse with the visitor and activate a contact closure to control electronic gates or door strikes.

The C-2000A provides “Caller ID,” “Call Waiting ID” and “Call Waiting” tone when the phone line is in use. Tenants may gain entry at each gate by entering a Touch Tone keyless entry code.

Tenants may call out to each entry phone for monitoring purposes. An auxiliary input is also available for connecting a lighted doorbell switch, a common garage door opener/ receiver or an auxiliary keyless entry keypad.

Product Features

  • Connect up to 4 entry phones
  • Compatible with:
    - E-10, E-20A, E-30 and E-40 Handsfree Phones
    - K-1500-7 Stainless Steel Panel Phone
    - K-1700-3 Handsfree Phone with Keypad
    - K-1900-8 Stainless Steel Phone with Keypad
    - Any analog touch tone phone
    Up to 6 different keyless entry codes per entrance
  • Programmable “one time use” keyless entry codes
  • Master keyless entry code for use at any entrance
  • Optional “Privacy Number” allows only selected visitors to call from an entry phone
  • Provides “Caller ID” and “Call Waiting ID”
  • Produces “Call Waiting” tones
  • Lighted doorbell switch input to activate entry phone call
  • Two sets of normally open and normally closed contacts available for each entry phone
  • Programmable contact activation time
  • Auxiliary input to activate timed auxiliary contacts
  • Realistic call progress tones

Product Documentation

View File VIK-C-2000A Brochure