3 Channel Digital Voice Announcer specifically designed for ACD/UCD

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3 Channel Digital Voice Announcer specifically designed for ACD/UCD

Model # VIK-DVA-3003

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Product Description

The DVA-3003 is a professional, cost-effective three channel digital voice announcer specifically designed for ACD/UCD, hotel/motel wake-up, intercept, night message, information provider, auto attendant applications and other PABX, Centrex or C.O. announcement functions.

The DVA-3003 will increase call handling capacity by answering on demand or during the first ring. The DVA-3003 will automatically adjust the announce cycle to the message length or disconnect on C.P.C. and providing instant "rewind" for the next caller.

The DVA-3003 is factory configured with 1 minute of record time on each channel and may be expanded to 4 minutes per channel. In applications where a single longer message is required, the DVA-3003 can also be configured as a single channel 12 minute announcer.

Product Features

  • Record time expandable from 1 to 4 minutes per channel or configured as a 12 minute single channel announcer
  • Record 1, 2, or all 3 channels simultaneously
  • Programmable ring delay
  • Detects C.P.C. signal and disconnects
  • Messages stored in Non-volatile memory (no batteries required)
  • Record and review announcements locally with a carbon handset or a tape player
  • Remotely record by calling into the unit from a touch tone phone Recognizes handshake signals from virtually any PABX, Centrex or C.O.
  • Provides both "Ring Trip" and 4 wire "E & M" interface
  • Recording volume level LED indicator for consistent high-quality recordings.

Product Documentation

View File VIK-DVA-3003 Brochure