HD-1 Handset Dialer

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HD-1 Handset Dialer

Model # VIK-HD-1

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Product Description

The HD-1 Handset Dialer is a universal keypad Touch Tone generator capable of providing DTMF signaling.

The HD-1 permits access via DTMF signaling to beepers, voice mail and banking services from phone system consoles or other equipment which cannot provide Touch Tones. The HD-1 is easily installed in series with modular handsets and headsets or interfaces directly to Tip and Ring.

Product Features

  • Easily connects in series with handset and headsets or interfaces directly to Tip & Ring with the furnished adapter kit
  • Provides DTMF signaling across a dry pair of wires for in-house applications
  • Compatible with console phone auxiliary hand-set jacks
  • Powered by 9 V battery (provided) or optional PS-1A 13.8V AC adapter
  • "Battery O.K." LED indicator
  • Adjustable Touch Tone volume control
  • Switch selectable transmit (per handset wiring protocol)
  • Optional Talk Battery adapter (PS-1A) for pre-programming Viking products such as hot-line dialers

Product Documentation

View File VIK-HD-1 Brochure