12 Position Display for LM-24M

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12 Position Display for LM-24M

Model # VIK-LM-12W

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Product Description

The LM-12W works in conjunction with Viking's TMS-12A Call Sequencer, MLC-24 Message Lamp Controller or the LM-24M Line Status Monitor to provide large, easy to read, line status or message display.

Each LM-12W is equipped to display 12 stations and is housed in an attractive black painted frame. The large numbers can be seen only when turned on and are visible from over 30 feet away. Two LM-12W's can be daisy chained to provide up to 24 stations of line or message status.

Product Features

  • Large, red numbers with high intensity red back lighting
  • Metal frame with a durable textured, black powder paint finish 600 ohm common audible output jack
  • Relay output jack for triggering an external alarm device in cadence with the 600 ohm common audible output signal
  • Daisy chain (2) LM-12W's to cover up to 24 stations (optional lens kit required for stations 13-24)
  • Wall mountable VR-1A jack provided for additional on-hold alert when used in conjunction with a TMS-12A Call Sequencer (TMS-12A requires special software)

Product Documentation

View File VIK-LM-12W Brochure