Provide Line Status and Message Waiting Indication

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Provide Line Status and Message Waiting Indication

Model # VIK-VR-1A

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Product Description

When used with an analog phone line, the VR-1A will provide "ring" indication, "on the phone" indication and "message waiting" indication for both "stutter dial tone" and standard message waiting voltage. In this application the VR-1A connects directly to tip and ring.

When used with a headset, you can end those nagging interruptions that occur when associates’ don’t realize you are on the phone because you are using a headset. The VR-1A will flash twice indicating to everyone that you are on the phone and you are not to be disturbed. The VR-1A installs in the handset/headset jack using an included "T" adapter.

When used with electronic or digital phones, the VR-1A won’t have you guessing which phone is ringing in busy offices. The flashing LED can be seen up to 100 feet away. The VR-1A connects directly to the electronic phone’s speaker.

Product Features

  • Displays "ringing," "on-the-phone" or "message waiting"
  • LED visible up to 100 ft
  • Power supply included
  • Compact package mounts with double-back tape
  • Connects with modular cord Special "T" adapter provided for handset applications

Product Documentation

View File VIK-VR-1A Brochure