Vandal-Resistant Speaker w/Transformer & Call-In Switch

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Vandal-Resistant Speaker w/Transformer & Call-In Switch

Model # VRS1

Regular Price: $164.12

Special Price $90.11

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Product Description

These Vandal-Resistant Speaker Assemblies ensure that sound communication gets through reliably, despite being located in environments susceptible to damage and destruction. The assembly includes a 3" plastic cone speaker, securely located and protected behind steel barriers. Available with or without call button.

Product Features

  • Withstands attempts at vandalism in hostile environments
  • Four layers of defense: a heavy-duty 11-gauge stainless steel faceplate, a baffled steel guard protects the speaker from puncture, a finely perforated screen stops thin, flexible objects from damaging the moisture-resistant plastic speaker cone, and water-resistant cone Grille openings are cross-positioned so that nothing can enter the speaker, not even the smallest or sharpest objects
  • Mounts with one-way security screws (included)
  • 3" weather-resistant cone speaker
  • 1/2-watt speaker power on 25V speaker line
  • Optional low impedance 8-watt speaker operation
  • Unbreakable metal call-button