Emergency Firebar Ring Down Telephone Conference System

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Emergency Firebar Ring Down Telephone Conference System
Perfect for security and emergency communications.


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Product Description

The XOP Networks Emergency Firebar and Ring Down Telephone Conference System provides a unique feature set that is designed for secure locations where instant communications is important. The XOP Networks Emergecny Ring Down System provides telephone ring down capabilities to multiple locations. The unique fire bar features allows for a single phone in a firebar group to go off hook and automatically call the other phones in the group and connect callers to a single conference.
The Blast Dial feature can call a group of telephone numbers for instant communications.

The current focus on improving homeland security provides an opportunity to further enhance the nation’s emergency communications systems. The need for emergency communications exists both in urban as well as in rural communities.
In urban areas, many of the enterprises (airports, electric utilities, hospitals, schools, prisons, manufacturing plants etc.) find themselves facing emergency situations every now and then. After an emergency occurs, the authorities try to manage the situation by making frantic phone calls to 911 operators and/or paging their own security personnel. Most often, the response to the emergency situation is ‘after the fact’ instead of executing a proactively well thought out plan.
In rural communities, emergency services are sometimes provided by voluntary firemen. The incumbent phone company provides a ‘Firebar’ service to the voluntary firemen to facilitate communications between multiple individuals responding to an emergency situation. This service notifies the firemen about the emergency situation at hand and also places them in a conference so that they can co-ordinate their efforts. Some of the ‘Firebar’ systems deployed in the rural areas are limited in various ways. These systems have limited number of audio conferencing ports (usually 8 or less) and are limited in terms of provisioning multiple phone numbers that may belong to an individual fireman. Most of these systems are built using twenty-year old analog technology.
XOP Networks, Inc., a company with expertise in audio conferencing technology has pioneered next generation of emergency response systems. This paper describes the benefits of the Enhanced Firebar application now available on XOP’s xw Digital Conferencing Bridge (DCB) products.
The XOP Networks’ Pro-active Approach
We now live in the post 9/11 era. Manmade and natural disasters are a fact of life and will continue to happen. We have to equip our cities and communities with capabilities that help them proactively plan for and cope with these emergency situations swiftly. The first few minutes are crucial during an emergency situation and if communications between the first responders in those crucial minutes can be speeded up, then the loss of life and property can be minimized. The XOP Networks’ Enhanced Firebar application is designed with that objective in mind.

Product Features

  • Applications include: Military installation, airports, volunteer fire departments, security firms, secure buildings and more
  • Can be configured from 8 ports to 240 ports.
  • Available for Central Office 48 Volt environments
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Web Based Administration
  • Installation available world wide.
  • Call for free demonstration