3-Zone Expansion Module for UTI312 (1 incl. w/ UTI312)

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3-Zone Expansion Module for UTI312 (1 incl. w/ UTI312)

Model # ZX3

Regular Price: $164.96

Special Price $80.69

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Product Description

The UTI312 Zone Paging Contoller provides multi-zone paging for one-way applications such as self-amplified
speaker systems, with each output capable of providing audio for up to 150 self-amplified speakers.The UTI312
is compatible with all standard analog port types.
Each UTI312 comes with a pre-installed ZX3 module for three zones of paging and is expandable up to
12 zones. The UTI312 offers up to 24 programmable paging zone groups as well as all-call, auto select,
override, night ring, two tone triggers, and code calling zone groups.The UTI312 also offers flexible dialing.

Product Features


• One ZX3 module pre-installed with UTI312

• 3 zones per module

• Audio output with level control per zone

• Zone contact closure

• Zone activity LEDs

• Pluggable terminal strips

Product Documentation

View File ZX3 Spec Sheet