Cyberdata VoIP SIP-enabled Ceiling Tile Drop-In Kit

VoIP SIP-enabled Ceiling Tile Drop-In Kit

Model #11128


Product Overview

  • Easy to Install 1' x 2' Drop-In Design

  • Aluminum construction


The drop-in Ceiling Tile VoIP Speaker combines Cyberdata's market leading v2 SIP-enabled Paging Speaker with an easy to install “drop-in” ceiling tile mounting kit.

The Ceiling Tile Drop-In Kit included with the CyberData VoIP v2 VoIP Paging Speaker ensures easy installation of the speaker into tiles ceilings, with a clean, streamlined look.

Cyberdata's v2 SIP-enabled VoIp Speaker is compatible with most SiP-based IP PBX. In a non SiP environment, the speaker is capable of broadcasting audio through multicast. Its small footprint and low height allows the speaker to be discreetly mounted almost anywhere.

The VoIP Ceiling Speaker can be configured as a Night Ringer with two SIP extensions. One extension can be assigned to a page group for auto answer paging. The second extension can be assigned to a "First-to-Answer" Night Ring group with IP phones. An audio ring file is activated when the second SIP extension of the Ceiling Speaker is dialed. If any of the IP phones in the ring group is answered (or if the caller hangs up), the Ceiling Speaker stops ringing.

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