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  • Allworx IP Phone System Announces the Release of 7.3

    If you are a user of Polycom’s SoundStation2 and need to place a 3 party conference call on your Partner ACS, Merlin Legend or Merlin Magix phone system you probably can’t make a conference call. When you press the conference button nothing happens. This is because the Soundstation conference phone is set to factory default settings and needs to be adjusted. You will need to adjust the conference flash rate or recall flash rate in order for the conference feature to work.
    On the Polycom Soundstation you can adjust the timing of the Flash delay to 75, 100, 300, or 600 milliseconds. The 600 Millisecond settings sees to work best and will allow the conference function key to operate.

    Directions are as follows:

    1.Press the Menu button, choose Admin
    Setup and press the Select button,
    enter the passcode (if required)
    and press the ENTER soft key.
    2. Choose Phone System followed by
    Flash Timing from the available options
    and press the Select button.
    3. Use the <- and -> soft keys to step
    through the available Flash Timing
    options and select 600 milliseconds.
    4. Press the SAVE soft key to save
    changes. You may press the Exit
    button to cancel your selection.
    5. After about 15 seconds you should
    hear the tone, and you should see
    READY appear on the console’s
    LCD screen. This indicates that the
    console and base station have reconnected.
    The new settings will now
    be active.

    To place a 3 way conference call dial your first number after the party answers press the conference button once and this will place the first call on hold and will also provide a second dial tone. dial the second number and when the second party answers press the conference button to connect both parties.

    If you require more than two conference parties on a single conference call check out the affordable Multisuns 8 port conference bridge which allows you to connect up to 8 people in to a single conference call.

    For more information about Polycom, Avaya or Conference Calls call 800-335-0229 or visit

    From the desk of Ricardo Trinidad

  • IP Hotel Guestroom Phones More Common in Hotel Industry

    Cetis, Inc., a manufacture of hotel phones, has announced the installation of the company’s 60,000th hotel guestroom IP telephone. Designed and engineered in America and Europe specifically for hospitality applications, Cetis IP telephones are available in Teledex iPhone and E Series, and TeleMatrix 9600IP and 3300IP single and two-line configurations.
    “Since 2006, Cetis has been a hospitality industry leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of IP telephones for hotel guestroom applications,” reports Dr. Bing N. Sun, President & CEO, Cetis, Inc. “Our Teledex, and TeleMatrix brand IP telephones continue to lead the way with innovative design, rich feature sets, and proven SIP interoperability,” he emphasizes.

    “Cetis SIP-compatible IP telephones are competitively priced, easy to install, and seamlessly configured to meet guest expectations,” adds Brock Munsell, Cetis Chief Technology Officer. “And because our Teledex and TeleMatrix brand IP phones are designed to effectively emulate the look and feel of a standard analog set, the guest experience is seamless, but the feature set is pure IP,” Munsell adds.

    “Cetis also hosts one of the most advanced SIP telephony labs in the world to provide Cetis-certified channel partners and value added resellers (VAR) access to Cetis Tier 3 IP technical support teams, software tools and upgrades, a 24/7 knowledge base, documentation, FAQs, and forums for troubleshooting,” states Mr. Munsell.

    Cetis installation partners are SSCA. (SIP School Certified Associate) and Cetis Applications-certified to install and support Cetis telephones operating on the latest IP-PBX telephone systems. The Cetis Mass Configuration Utility (MCU) is engineered to create large numbers of configuration files required to quickly pre-program or deploy Cetis IP telephones. The Cetis IP Mass Administration Utility (MAU) performs administration functions, such as firmware updates to Cetis SIP telephones either prior to installation or on location.

    Teledex iPhone ND Series corded and NDC Series cordless, and TeleMatrix 3300IP corded and 9600IP cordless IP telephones by Cetis, are available in single and two-line configurations, and are certified to interoperate with the worldfs leading IP-PBX systems, including Aastra, Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, Cisco, Defero3, Digium/Asterisk, Epygi, InnovationX, Mitel, NEC, Siemens, and Thing5.

    For more information on Hotel phones please call Telcom & Data Inc. at 800-335-0229 or visit

  • Sonexis Conference Bridge Partners with Shoretel

    Sonexis Technology, Inc., a leading provider of Audio and Web conferencing systems for enterprise, today announced it has been selected by ShoreTel, Inc., a provider of brilliantly simple Unified Communication (UC) solutions, as an Alliance member in the ShoreTel Innovation Network. Sonexis is proud to continue its relationship with ShoreTel as an Alliance member in the ShoreTel Innovation Network.
    Sonexis ConferenceManager provides a high quality, feature-rich collaboration solution for enterprise customers looking to implement a secure, cost-effective alternative to „pay per minute? audio and Web conferencing. Sonexis customers derive significant cost savings over traditional conferencing service providers, and benefit from enhanced security, functionality, and reporting features that are inherent in the platform.

    “Sonexis is committed to providing a comprehensive and complementary collaboration solution to ShoreTel customers and partners,” said Dan Watkins, executive vice president of Sonexis. “ConferenceManager offers a robust and secure collaboration solution that can be seamlessly deployed to ShoreTel customers that require an expanded collaboration solution, while preserving prior investments. As an Alliance member in the Innovation Network, Sonexis can provide ShoreTel customers another option for enhanced audio and Web collaboration.”

    “We?re pleased to have Sonexis and their ConferenceManager solution within the Innovation Network, complimenting ShoreTel?s rich Unified Communications offerings,” said Kevin Gavin, chief marketing officer at ShoreTel. “Sonexis has been a valuable technology partner since 2008 and we look forward to building upon existing success as part of our ongoing commitment to standards-based technologies and open-architected systems that give customers flexibility to implement solutions ideally situated for specific business needs.”

    For more information on Sonexis please visit. or Call 800-335-0229 ext 834

  • 19” Racks for Servers and Rack Mount Equipment Available in Custom Sizes

    Most manufacturers of 19” racks for rack mountable servers, computers and equipment usually offer only a couple of different options when it comes to rack height. Not so with Great Lakes Cabinets and Racks. Great Lakes Cabinets is a custom metal bending and fabrication shop with state of the art machinery for custom rack applications. Based out of Edinboro, Pennsylvania with distributions centers in Reno Nevada and Dublin Ireland, Great Lakes can produce server racks in almost unlimited amount of custom options including sizes, colors, handling capacity, and more for specific applications. In fact the Great Lakes team of engineers and manufacturing professionals can bring your design from the drawing board to the data center or job site. Our team can create product specific to your needs, whether it is a custom color to match your décor or corporate logo, a design change to one of our standard products or something completely custom. Great Lakes 2 post 19” Racks are manufactured for strength and durability using Double Sided Extruded Aluminum with a capacity of up to 1500 lbs and a shipping weight of only 30 lbs. The 19” server racks are easily assembled in minutes and can be bolted the floor for extra security. All 19” racks carry a lifetime warranty. For more information about Server Racks call Telcom & Data at 800-335-0229. From the desk of Ricardo Trinidad

  • Sonexis Audio Confernce Bridge Receives JITC Certification

    Monroeville, PA - Thursday, June 02, 2011 - Sonexis Technology, Inc., a leading provider of on-premise enterprise audio conferencing platforms, is pleased to announce that ConferenceManager 10.0 has been certified by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) and is listed on the Department of Defense (DOD) Unified Capabilities (UC) Approved Products Listing (APL). The platform is certified for use with any switch on the Unified Capabilities (UC) Approved Products List (APL) that is certified interoperable within the Defense Switched Network (DSN).

    The JITC-certified ConferenceManager system is a state-of-the-art audio conferencing platform engineered to deliver a highly secure audio conferencing solution for the Department of Defense. The system is compatible with all APL-listed voice switches and offers unmatched operational flexibility supporting ad-hoc and scheduled conferences as well as pre-set blast dial sessions. Highly reliable, simple to deploy, and easy to operate, ConferenceManager is based on Windows 2008 Server and Intel hardware. With an optional redundant disk and power, the system offers the latest in platform security and reliability.

    “Sonexis is proud to bring our enterprise class audio conferencing solution to DISA and DoD organizations. JITC certification requires a unique set of capabilities as well as an extensive test and verification process. The security and functionality required for JITC certification strengthens our standard offering while DISA and DoD organizations now have the ability to leverage our industry leading capabilities and cost effectiveness,” said Dan Watkins, Executive Vice President for Sonexis Technology, Inc.

    The certification and testing process was conducted February of 2011 by JITC’s Global Information Grid Network Test Facility, Ft. Huachuca, Arizona and sponsored by Adam McGeer from JB MDL For additional information about the JITC-certified ConferenceManager solution, please visit or refer to the UC APL for official posting at the following URL:

    About Sonexis Technology Inc.

    Sonexis is a leading provider of in-house audio and web conferencing platforms for the enterprise. Sonexis ConferenceManager has set new standards for ease of use and security. Designed to work within existing voice and data networks, hundreds of leading organizations have deployed Sonexis ConferenceManager with minimal cost, effort or administration. For more information about Sonexis conference products call 1-800-335-0229 or visit

  • Message on Hold and Music on Hold for Phone Systems

    Music on hold or message on hold systems have come along way since first introduced with radio then cassette technology. Of course they all still do the same thing which is to keep a customer on hold longer and happier. As everyone should know being put on hold seems to make time pass excruciatingly slow where every dead silent minute seems like an eternity. When you have a customer on hold its an opportunity not unlike a stadium urinal when you have a captive audience. Delivering your companies message to your customer should be an opportunity to shine by delivering fresh content. Offering the latest information can help keep your customers informed with new trends, products and services. New message on hold technology makes this easier than ever. Premier Technologies introduced two new models that allow for easy up load of fresh content. The USB 1200 uses a thumb drive to upload content from your PC. Custom on hold messages in WAV or MP3 format can be sent to your PC and then copied on to the thumb drive. The unit has no moving parts unlike a CD based message on hold player. Other features include a solid aluminum case. A constant power source and solid-state memory will automatically re-boot the audio playback after a power outage. A compact design and wall-mount flanges ensure a simple installation. The line matching message on hold jack connects to your phone systems MOH jack. A built in speaker allows you to listen to your content and check for volume. The second message on hold unit is the Hybrid 7600 is a solid-state Music On Hold player that can receive a new audio upload via Ethernet connection or USB flash drive. This rack mount On Hold player is ideal for applications that require audio distribution over an IP network to multiple locations. New audio files can be pushed through to a network of locations. This can be especially helpful with monthly or weekly marketing campaigns. For more information on Music on Hold or Message on Hold players please call 800-335-0229. From the desk of Ricardo Trinidad

  • Wheelock’s New Exceder Fire Alarm Public Safety Signals Deliver Powerful Evacuation Messaging

    The Wheelock® Exceder™ horns strobes feature a sleek modern design that will please building owners with reduced total cost of ownership. Installers will benefit from its comprehensive feature list, including the most candela options in one appliance, low current draw, no tools needed for setting changes, voltage test points, 12/24 VDC operation, universal mounting base and multiple mounting options for both new and retrofit construction. The Wheelock® ExcederTM Series incorporates high reliability and high efficiency optics to minimize current draw allowing for a greater number of appliances on the notification appliance circuit. All strobe models feature an industry first of 8 candela settings on a single appliance. Models with an audible feature 3 sound settings (90, 95, 99 dB). All switches to change settings, can be set without the use of a tool and are located behind the appliance to prevent tampering. Wall models feature voltage test points to take readings with a voltage meter for troubleshooting and AHJ inspection. For information on fire alerting horns and strobes please call 800-335-0229

  • Bogen Ceiling Speakers Designed For Office Paging Systems

    Office phone paging systems can provide fast reliable interoffice communications as well as back ground music and white noise for open office areas that are too quite and don’t allow for much conversation privacy. Designing a small to medium size interoffice phone paging system is not difficult if you keep a few things in mind. The first rule in paging is the more ceiling speakers the better. Having too few speakers will cause you to turn up the volume and paging will be become loud and unclear. So when figuring out how many ceiling speakers you need error on too many than to few. The second thing to consider is the ceiling height. Lower ceiling heights require more ceiling speakers then higher ceilings. An example is a flashlight shined from a short or long distance. The shorter a flashlight is shined the distance the smaller the coverage area. Most drop ceiling office environments have between 8 to 12 ft ceiling heights. A 100ft X 100 ft would require 39 ceiling speakers if there was an 8 ft ceiling and only 17 speakers if there is a 12 ft ceiling.
    Ceiling speakers are typically are set for 1 watt of power. So if you had 39 ceiling speakers the paging amplifier would need to be at least 50 watts. This will allow for the 39 watts that the 39 ceiling speakers are drawing and provide some substantial “head room” of 20%.

    There are several models of ceiling speakers available on this site including standard 8 in ceiling speaker with and without volume control. The standard ceiling speakers typically requires you to cut a hole into the drop ceiling tile. The speaker is then supported by a tile bridge which sits in the drop ceiling frame. Other speaker types include our SM1 EZ ceiling speakers which installs in minutes without cutting any holes. The SM1EZ ceiling speaker has two long screws that will poke through the ceiling tile. The ends are used to connect the speaker wire and then a large plastic washer is used to attach the ceiling speaker to the tile. The third type and the absolute favorite of many is the drop in ceiling speaker tile. The drop in ceiling speaker tile comes either as a 1X2 or a 2X2 ceiling tile depending on the size tile you have. Simply remove a ceiling tile and replace it with a drop in ceiling speaker tile. There are several versions including off white, ultra white and plenum versions for places like office building where plenum wiring maybe required.

    For more information on Bogen ceiling speakers and phone paging or for FREE paging design services please call 800-335-0229 or visit

    From the desk of Ricardo Trinidad

  • Sonexis Conference Bridge Manufacturer working with Avaya to deliver Audio Conferencing Solutions.

    Sonexis Technology, Inc., a leading manufactuer of audio and web conferencing systems, today announced it has been selected by Avaya Inc., a global leader in business collaboration systems, software and services, for membership in the Avaya DevConnect program focusing on Avaya’s flagship small to medium enterprise solution, Avaya IP Office.
    Sonexis delivers a feature-rich collaboration solution well-suited for the small to medium enterprise (SME). Sonexis ConferenceManager™ provides a high quality collaboration environment to customers looking to implement a secure, cost-effective solution for audio and web conferencing. As a result, SME customers gain more flexibility and cost savings over traditional conferencing service providers, and benefit from enhanced security features that are inherent in the platform.

    "Membership in Avaya's developer community helps Sonexis deliver a comprehensive and secure collaboration solution to IP Office customers," said Dan Watkins, Executive Vice President with Sonexis. “ConferenceManager™ offers a robust and secure collaboration solution that can be seamlessly deployed to customers that require an expanded collaboration solution while preserving prior investments in telephony and data infrastructure. The testing of the ConferenceManager solution with Avaya IP Office through the DevConnect program will provide Avaya customers with another option for enhanced audio and web collaboration.”

    “We welcome Sonexis Technology to the Avaya DevConnect community of development partners.” said Eric Rossman, Vice President, Developer Relations, Avaya. “Sonexis Technology’s collaboration offering for the small-to-medium size enterprise marketplace will provide greater capability and choice for Avaya IP Office customers.”

    For more information on Sonexis Conferencing or Avaya IP office please call 800-335-0229 ext 834. Or visit us at

  • Allworx 9204G IP Phone Is Now Available

    The new Allworx 9204G phone is shipping! As of today, in addition to the very popular 9204 Telcom & Data is shipping a new Gigabit version. The 9204G is cosmetically identical to the 9204 phone – but adds the ability to pass either 10/100 megabit or gigabit data speeds through to the desktop. We have kept the pricing competitive too, so adding Gigabit phones into your quotes will not put the total system cost out of reach. As an added benefit, the extended warranty catalog number and cost are the same for the 9204 and 9204G. For more information on Allworx IP phone systems check out or call Telcom & Data at 800-335-0229
    From the desk of Ricardo Trinidad

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