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  • Desktop Video Conferencing – An Essential Business Communication Tool

    Although desktop video conferencing services have been available in the market for quite sometime now, it has gained a rapid recognition and a wider use only in the recent years. Businesses of all sizes and from almost all the sectors have recognized this form of conferencing as one of the most efficient tools for business communications.

    With these services, it is becoming possible for big, as well as, small sized organizations to maximize their productivity and performance and cash in huge profits. Desktop video conferencing, being an effective communication tool, is also helping organizations which have just entered the market, to set up strong base and pillars for the business. With the help of desktop conferencing, organizations can maintain regular and effective communications with their customers, clients and employees located in different places.

    So what exactly is a desktop video conference and which conferencing system and equipments are required for conducting such a conference?

    A desktop video conference is a form of conferencing which not only facilitates the participants to share information though the white-board and instant messages, but also share the entire desktop along with pictures and videos. Therefore, this form of conferencing is much more interactive and useful than the simple audio conferencing.

    Besides using the computer system and video camera, a desktop video conference can be made further more effective with the use of conferencing microphone. If the participants use high quality microphones and speakers, they can share voice messages along with pictures and instant messages.

    During times of emergencies, most of the organizations prefer conducting a desktop video conference rather than using their VoIP Phones for making calls. The factors which make desktop conferencing a preferable choice for organizations is the ability to share documents and any type of computer displayed information along with audio and video.

    Desktop video conferencing acts like a face to face conference between the participants, although they are located in different destinations. The vast physical distance between the participants, in no way has an adverse effect on the conference. In fact, many big organizations conduct in-house desktop conferences, as it allows the important employees to work on the same project with close coordination.

    In the present competitive market, desktop video conferencing is definitely one of the most useful and powerful mediums of business communications, which is not only beneficial for the big organizations, but also for the small and medium sized businesses.

  • Business Phone Systems Suitable For Small Businesses

    A common belief among the recently set-up businesses and the small size businesses is that, business phone systems are not of any use for them. The misconceptions such as, these phone systems are very costly and do not have feature which are useful for small sized businesses, are the factors creating such kind of belief. However all the above mentioned concerns are not true and these phone systems are as useful and beneficial for the small sized organizations as for the big ones.

    There are different kinds of business phone systems available in the market with a wide variety of features. Some of the most common features which are available with almost every kind of phone systems include voicemail, extended voicemail, call forwarding, rollovers etc. However, due to a number of features available with these phone systems, it at times becomes difficult and confusing for a business to decide which features will prove useful for the business and which phone system should they buy.

    One of the very first things which an organization needs to consider while buying a business phone is its quality. The avaya phone systems are known as one of the best phone systems available in the market. The other things that an individual needs to consider before buying a phone system is the number of extensions that will be required and the features which will help the organization to improve its business communications and increase its productivity.

    However, while evaluating the different features, it will be helpful if you consider the future growth plans of the organization, along with the present requirements. This will help you to plan in advance and also minimize the requirements of investing in another business phone system in the near future.

    Some of the features in your Avaya systems which

    can prove beneficial for your organization include:
    Voicemail - It is the most important feature of phone systems and you need to go for a system which has sufficient number of voicemail extensions.
    Call forwarding - With this feature available in your phone system, you can stay in better touch with your customers, as well as, employees even when you are out of office.
    Expandable - The business phone system that you buy should be able to accommodate the future needs of your organization through expansion. The VoIP Phones available in the market are considered to be the best option while considering the future growth Should be easy to install and configure.
    Besides these features which are useful for small sized organizations, the business phone systems are nowadays available at reasonable prices as well. Therefore, organizations don't have to worry about exceeding their budget.

  • What to look for when deciding on a phone system maintenance provider.

    If your looking for ways to reduce telephone maintenance costs and are shopping for a new provider there are sonme questions that you should be asking before signing a new contract. Here are few questions that are important to ask BEFORE signing any maintenance agreement.

    Does the company carry spare parts locally for your system?
    Is remote monitoring and testing available for your system?
    What is the charge for Moves Adds and Changes not covered under maintenance?
    What is the response time for an emergency call?
    What is the response time for a non-emergency call?
    What is the length of an agreement?
    Are there any discounts for additional locations?
    What are the hours of operation?
    Is there a 24 hour plan available?
    Are there any rebates toward a new phone system purchase?
    How many phone techs are their available for service?
    Is there a phone or parts exchange?
    Ask for references.
    Telcom & Data provides telephone maintenance and specializes in Avaya and Lucent manufactured phone systems including, Partner, Merlin , Merlin Legend, Merlin Magix, Definity, IP Office and Communications Manager. If your company would like a quote on phone system maintenance click here. or call Telcom & Data at 800-335-0229.

  • Why Phone System Maintenance Is Crucial to Your Business

    Phone system maintenance is crucial to any business that depends on its phones.
    Telecommunications drives the economy of most companies from sales to customer service to phone orders. Whether your company is a bricks and mortar company or web based, a solid reliable phone system is the vehicle for communications.

    When you think about how important your communications system is to your business, it is easy to see how valuable a Service Agreement for your phone system really is.

    A phone system maintenance service agreement is always at work both at your site and behind the senses, so you can concentrate on running your business, benefits include:

    · Maximize communications uptime
    · Proactive trouble notification
    · Errors resolved transparently
    · Reduce time to repair
    · Peace of mind knowing your system has 24/7 monitoring
    · Fixed budget and long term savings
    · Free basic phone technical support included
    · Complex and customized support available at preferred prices
    · Remotely access customers' PBX to perform diagnostics, browse activity logs, and initiate corrective actions to restore optimum operation.
    · Preferred customer status

    SERVICE CALLS When a field technician has to be dispatched to your location, monitoring data helps them solve problems faster and more effectively. And thanks to intelligence already gathered, if an outside service provider disruption occurs an immediate vendor repair ticket is logged for response or dispatch.

    Building Relationship . In the event of a flood, fire, or other unforeseeable disaster, a maintenance service company will maintain vital information on the current system configuration. So you get support from a technician who knows you, your system and your business. Up-to-date paper documentation are maintained and we coordinate contact with service repair to complete repair or restoration.

    COST Savings Time, labor and material are included in a service maintenance agreement, which provides significant savings with a manageable budget. Unlimited service calls, without a Service Agreement all visits are billable. Services provided outside of the Service Agreement will be billed at a reduced rate.

    To learn more about telephone system maintenance and how your company can benefit please click here. or call 800-335-0229

  • VoIP Phones Enhancing Communication of Business Houses

    VoIP phones facilitate organizations to make phone calls using the VoIP technology. VoIP stands for  Voice over Internet Protocol . This technology allows individuals to make phone calls like normal calls, but via the internet. Individuals can make both national and internationals calls but at much lower costs. Therefore, a VoIP call not only helps an organization to save money spent on business travelling and accommodation but also cut down the heavy phone bills.

    Although the VoIP technology has been available in the market for quite sometime now, initially it was not much reliable and was also confusing. But now with the advancements in technology, these services have been modified and are gaining a fast popularity and demand as one of the most convenient and affordable communication mediums. Nowadays, all type of business organizations are investing in the VoIP services and phones like the Avaya systems.

    During a VoIP call, the data is transferred between the participants with the help of the internet networks. Data is passed from one point to another through a network cable. In this method a person s voice is transformed from an analog signal to a digital one, passed over the internet and then again delivered at the other end after converting into analog signal. These calls can be made at a cost which is just a fraction of the costs of making regular calls.

    In the present times of neck to neck competition, an organization can enjoy a number of benefits by investing in VoIP conferencing services and Avaya phone systems. Some of the major benefits of VoIP calls are that these are flexible and affordable than the regular calls. One can easily make a VoIP call if he has a VoIP phone, a computer system, a fast internet connection and the basic VoIP software.

    With the VoIP Phones, which are specially designed for making VoIP calls, one can make calls with convenience and clarity, the distance between the individuals communicating, not being a barrier. Access to a fast and reliable internet connection is the only prerequisite.

    Due to the many benefits of VoIP calls, these are in huge demands and are being widely used by business organizations of all sizes. However, to make the most of a VoIP call, it is essential to buy the VoIP services from a reliable and reputed vendor and also use equipments of high quality. The Avaya systems are known as one of the best VoIP phone systems available in the market at affordable prices.

  • USB Phone Recorders Provide Peace of Mind and Stealth Operation

    Recording telephone calls was never easier then with the Stealth USB Phone Recorder. The Stealth USB Phone Recorder is a device that connects to your telephone line to record all calls to your PC. USB Phone Recorder allows the user to record all phone conversations on a single line into a voice database through a USB port of a computer automatically. It will also allow users to manage all stored recordings and information with powerful management software.

    The Stealth USB Phone Recorder is only the size of a credit card and can easily be hidden. A connection is made to your telephone jack and your PC. Retrieval is easy by date , time or caller ID phone number look up.

    Companies that need to train telephone sales agents find this to be a invaluable tool to listen in on sales or customer service calls. The best part is that the Stealth USB Recorder costs less then an ½ hour of litigation at only $119.00.

    Check out the new USB Phone Recorder on line or call 800-335-0229.

  • Tality Call Accounting for Hospitality

    TALITY Call Accounting is specifically designed for the hospitality service industry, allowing businesses to generate additional revenue and to monitor phone activity. TALITY is the call accounting software of choice for the hospitality industry, hotels, motels, colleges and universities, marinas, call centers, shared tenant offices, school systems, country clubs, camps, and more.

    TALITY Key Features include:

    - Credit limit Alarm
    - Profit reports
    - Multiple extension assignment to a room
    - Flexible costing and surcharging facility
    - Report scheduler for bills or administrative reports
    - Customizable Screens with logo imports
    - SMDR Failure alarm
    - Recurring charges (monthly and daily)
    - Flexible Property Management System interface

    TALITY comes with a three-year warrantee, by far the longest available in the industry today. We are confident in our products and committed to helping our clients make the most of using them. The first year of unlimited telephone support is included to assist you. For more info check out or call 800-335-0229.

  • Partner Telephone System Support and Programming Help

    If you have a Partner phone system and need help programming Telcom & Data offers remote over the phone programming assistance at ½ hour purchase increments for only $ 45.00 per half hour. Avaya currently charges $ 600.00 per hour with a 4 hour minimum making a small change very costly. Support can be purchased on line at . Once the support has been purchased a copy of the transaction is forwarded to an available technician who will then call with in a few minutes.

    Typical programming and trouble shooting can include. Voice mail, line pools, station programming, system set up, and other moves adds and changes.

    Telcom & Data also provides Partner telephone system phones, voice mails and system parts. Call 800-335-0229 to order over the phone.

  • Video Conferencing Systems – Making The World A Small Place

    Video and other forms of conferencing have emerged as highly efficient business communication tools. All that an organization needs to conduct or take part in a video conference are the video conferencing systems, a fast internet connection and conferencing services from a reliable vendor.

    Earlier organizations had to pay a lot of money to get all of these. Moreover, anyone interested in attending or holding a webinar or video conference, had to download and install heavy and sophisticated conferencing software and also purchase expensive conferencing systems. As all these required a heavy investment, the small and medium sized organizations could not enjoy the benefits offered by video and others forms of conferencing.

    However, now with the affordable business phone systems and the different conferencing equipments, it has become possible for business organizations of all sizes to communicate efficiently with their clients and employees located in different corners of the world.

    With the help of the conferencing systems, web conferencing equipments, conferencing cameras etc, an organization can combine video conferencing and teleconferencing, where the participants can communicate efficiently with each other through voice and instant chats, while sharing images and videos.

    During a video and web conference, organizations can conduct live seminars, demonstrations of a new product/service, training sessions, allow participants to share applications and documents online etc. In fact, some conferences even have features which allow the participants to share their desktops with each other.

    Therefore, the video conferencing systems and other equipments, facilitate the organizations to communicate in so many ways, that the need for traveling every now and then for attending meetings and seminars, has been cut down.

    Due to the ever growing popularity and demand for the different business phone systems and other conferencing equipments, many conferencing systems with different brand names have been launched in the market. These are available at affordable prices. Therefore, organizations of all sizes can get them without exceeding the budget.

    However, while buying the different conferencing system, one should never go by their low prices alone. One should check all its feature and compare its price with the other available brands with similar features. The market reputation of the brand should also be checked.

    Besides the video conferencing systems and other equipments, one should be very careful while choosing the conferencing services as well. One should always go for the service from a reliable and reputed vendor. Compromising on the quality of services can lead to the loss and theft of valuable business data shared during a conference. For more information, you can visit :

  • Telcom & Data and Access One to provide PRI and T1 Services in the Chicagoland Area.

    Telcom & Data Inc., a single source provider of thousands of telecommunications products and solutions, has signed an agreement with Chicago based Access One to provide T1, PRI and Broadband internet services to Chicago area business telephone customers.
    Access One provides high-quality voice, data, Internet and value-added services to business customers nationwide — all at a competitive price. With a history spanning over a decade, Access One, services include Dyversaband™. The Dyversaband solution combines voice and data over a single circuit by dynamically allocating bandwidth as voice channels are in use. Bonding up to three T1s through diverse DS3s, voice and data traffic and is completely secure.

    Other Access One services include; Integrated Voice and Data with local voice and data service combines voice and high-speed Internet over a single circuit for a fully integrated, complete business solution. Circuits can be purchased with 10,000 local and long distance minutes up to unlimited long distance minutes. To talk to a voice and data specialist call 800-335-0229 or to obtain an instant
    On line quote click here

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