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  • Enhance Your Business with Business Phone Systems

    The present day market is very competitive where business organizations of all sizes and struggling to reach the top most position. The business phone systems have emerged as one of the best solutions for organizations and help businesses to improve communications and maintain regular contacts with national, as well as, international clients and employees.

    Due to the many benefits offered by the different business phone systems, it is now counted among the basic necessity, in which every business needs to invest. In fact, many business organizations consider these phone systems to be the lifeline supporting the steady growth of the business on the global level.

    The latest Avaya phone systems are equipped with a number of features such as auto answering, call in waiting, caller ID, caller groups, call forwarding, call reporting, call recording, email integration, access for remote workers, unified messaging etc, to name a few. With all these features, an organization can increase their productivity to a great extent and also improve their customer service solutions. These systems help an organization to establish regular and strong relationships with their clients.

    There are different models of business phone systems available in the market. An organization can choose a system for itself according to its size and business requirements.

    The business phone systems are widely categorized as:

    The Key systems
    The Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems
    The KSU-less phones
    The VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phones

    The business organizations which are small in size can go for the key phone systems or the KSU-less phone systems. These systems have lesser number of extensions, but are sufficient for a small organization with a low budget. The key phone systems generally support five to forty extensions. The KSU-less phone systems on the other hand support less than ten extensions.

    For medium and big sized organizations, the PBX business phone systems are considered to be one of the best options. These systems support more than forty extensions. Although the earlier models of these systems used to be huge and expensive, but with the help of latest technology the most recent models are compact in size and are available at affordable prices.

    After the introduction of internet, organizations have started to opt for the VoIP business phone systems, as they come with added benefits. These systems and VoIP technology help organizations to communicate efficiently with their national and international clients, while cutting down the huge telephone bills. For more information, you can visit :

  • Instant PRI, T1, High Speed Data Circuits quoting tool available on line

    Telcom & Data Inc is very pleased to announce a new instant quoting tool for PRI, T1 and High Speed Data circuits. The instant quoting tool provides comparison shopping of up to 10 different quotes from the major telephone services providers available in a particular city or area. The tool was designed to take the hassle out of shopping for competitive telephone service quotes. To use the system a user simply in puts location information which is automatically checked against the US Post Offices data base and validated. A few moments later a quote is produced which can be printed out.

    Types of phone services that are available for instant quotes include PRI or Primary rate Interface, T1, POTS lines, DSL, and High Speed Data T1s. Not available at this time for instant quoting is SIP trunks, MPLS service, and fiber quotes. MPLS instant quoting is on the horizon and is available as a manual quote. To try the instant quoting tool go to

  • FAQs of Voice Mail Systems

    Voice mail systems are gaining a very fast popularity in today's competitive market as it helps businesses of all sizes to efficiently handle and manage the business calls and improve their productivity.

    Given below are some frequently asked questions related to voice mail systems that are asked by people prior to buying these systems.

    How to use the voice mail systems efficiently for handling calls?

    These systems are used by different businesses in different ways for fulfilling their business requirements. An organization can use these systems for answering a call, transferring the call to some other individual and even for recording messages in case the calls are not being answered. You should always buy a voice mail system for the organization according to the possible usage.
    2. Are these systems supported by older business phone systems?
    Older business phones systems will not support the voice mail systems if they do not have that feature in them. However, if your business phone systems are not old than 5 years, they are most likely to support the voice mail systems. It will be always wise to check the compatibility prior to making an investment.

    3. Is there a need to check out the memory?

    Usually all the voice mail systems have memory space which is enough for an organization, and at time there is every extra memory. However, if your system will be used heavily, you definitely need to check its memory capacity.

    How much does an expansion cause?

    The cost of expansion of these systems varies depending on the brands. It will be better to collect quotes from different dealers regarding the later expansion cost.
    5. What are the likely costs for remote maintenance of these systems?

    Like the expansion costs the remote maintenance costs also vary from one system to another. Every system requires maintenance after some years of use. Therefore, collect the quoted for remote maintenance of a system from a dealer, prior purchasing a system.

    It is always recommended to buy voice mail systems from a reliable supplier after comparing the prices and brands over the internet. This will ensure that you are buying the best system at the best price. For more information please visit :

  • Conferencing Systems–Provides video conferencing solutions

    In the recent past decade, business organization of almost all the size remarkably progressed remarkably. Fast and constant business communication played a vital role in the promotion of trade activities. Thus conferencing systems are widely used means of communications for the internal and external official interactions.

    Among many conferencing systems, Conferencing on phone is commonly used to excel business activities. It facilitates the common speaker to conduct an emergency meetings with the desired participants in less time and efforts. Thus it further enhance the easy and convenient trade activities to increase the productivity without travel cost.

    Now-a-days video conferencing systems are frequently used by the business enterprises to explore their business globally. With help of this type of conferencing the business delegates can conduct official meeting regularly while sitting in the any part of world. Through Internet connections many number of business official can attend the meeting and express their views during meetings.

    The video conferencing systems provides solution to the business personnels to share the secret documents, blue print,sale analysis,market strategy of the company and other official records. Also,helps the wide spread organization to monitor its each branches located in different part of the world. Thus it helps the companies to enhance the smooth flow of the business administration.

    Video conferencing conjunction with the micro phone device is sparsely used by all of the business firms. It facilitates the participants to attend conferencing communicate verbally to the common speaker. Thus video conferencing microphone is easy and convenient source of conferencing which connects business to business to promote global trade.

    Due to multiple and multi dimensional functions the video conferencing microphone is preferred by all of the types of the business enterprises. Not only business world but other sectors like educational institutes largely depends on the video conferencing solutions. It proved to be beneficial product of advance technology for fast and convectional source of communications.

    Thus for better business administration, fast communication and hassle free trade activities, subscribing video conferencing solutions is considered as the smart business idea. For more information please visit

  • Business phone System-A must for your organization

    An effective and clear communication plays a vital role in the success of your business. Therefore, it is important for you to choose the right business phone system which channelizes the communication among you and your staff, clients and vendors in the right way. Be it small, medium or large scale enterprise, these systems have proven to be immensely valuable and economical. Some companies consider the system to be complex but cannot ignore the convenience provided by it.

    You can choose your business phone system from a wide array that is available in the market. You can look out for numerous features that the system is equipped with. The modern systems can have extensive features such as multiple line capability, speaker phones, auto attendant, call groups, caller ID, call forwarding, recording & reporting of the call and others. The most comprehensive feature among these is call forwarding. This feature allows the operator to divert the unanswered calls through other number. Some systems also have voicemail facility which can record the messages for employees.

    Your choice for the right business phone system should also depend on the size of your organization. There are various kinds of business phone systems available in the market. The key phone systems can are installed in the organization which requires five to forty extensions. The KSU less system generally find its application in companies requiring less than ten extensions. The third is PBX system which is used in large organizations where number of extensions exceeds forty. The latest among this category is VoIP business phone systems which is possessed with all the cutting edge features.

    The price for the business phone system depends on the features it has. An entry level conferencing system equipped with features like call waiting and caller ID can range somewhere around US $ 100 to US $ 200. Whereas, the programmable systems having features like IRDA port and brisk PDA synch-up can cost you between US $ 700 to US $ 900. However, a good thing about these systems is that these can be upgraded to house more than twenty stations of your company. There are many other systems costing higher and are equipped with various features suiting the requirements of your organization.

    To get the best deal, you can refer to the internet where you will come to know about the discounts and offers by various telecom companies. You can also get in touch with telecom agents who can provide you guidance while buying business phone system. Telecom Data offers you the latest range of business phone systems which can enhance the productivity of your organization. For more information, you can log on to

  • Advantages of VoIP Conferencing Phone

    Communication plays a crucial and vital role to enhance the domestic trade to global business. Thus, business phone systems are considered as an absolute necessity for all types of business organizations.

    The purchase of the business phone systems are considered as one of the most important investments in any business establishment. Telephones serves as easiest and most convenient source to connect entrepreneurs with their customers. It smooth ens the various business activities.. Thus, conferencing phone becomes a relevant medium for trade transaction and communication purposes.

    There are various types of conferencing phone that depends on numerous factors. They serves a wide range of variety which is based on shape, size and acoustical treatments. Also, the features of these phones varies from a simple reliable audio solution to cordless conferencing. Thus, they together serve the business to earn maximum profit in less cost and efforts.

    In the series of business conferencing phone, the VoIP conferencing phone is the latest innovation in business phone systems. They are considered revolutionary in the field of communications. The innovations like voip phones saves both time and money of several big and small organizations. Hence, it tends to replace the existing telephone system by voice over Internet protocol(VoIP).

    The VoIP phones supported by Microsoft Windows with high-tech technology serves various features. It consists of the common features like call wait, call transfer, inbound and out bound call register, call forward, caller ID, call mute, etc. In addition to this, it also serves a good sound quality, increased standby and talk time. Thus, business establishments have clearly identified the potential of voip services and are investing more in voip than in any other communication sector.

    The voip phone technology is easy to use and maintain. It only requires an internet connection and an appropriate device to make a call anywhere in the world with much reduced cost. Also, this type of business phone systems facilitates the business delegates to make international calls, at a much lower rate in comparison to the other modes of communication. Thus, voip phones is emerging as a smooth and cheap way of business communication.

    Apart from the cost-saving benefits, the Voip phones serves other addition facilities too. It includes facility to check the voice mail over the internet. Also, it facilitates to attach messages to e-mail and sent to the computer or PDA. Due to multiple benefits of voip conferencing phone, business associations have started hiring the best service and equipment service provider.

  • How to get free call accounting software

    Call accounting software is an important management tool for any business.
    Call accounting software provides management with detailed reports on all incoming and out going phone calls. Reports deliver concise information to help management to make informed decisions from everything from sales, to marketing to reducing telephone related costs. Typical reports include: Extension Detail, Account Detail, Department Detail, Extension Details, Division Summaries, Call Volume By Hour, Most Expensive and Longest Calls, Number Of Calls Made Per Extension ( Very Valuable to Telemarketing Sales Managers), Trunk Utilization Totals (excellent for ReConfiguring System Trunks), and Carrier Comparison ( which allows you to compare your phone bill with actual usage)

    Call accounting can also be used to eliminate telephone fraud and to notify you of important 911 calls being made through the phone system.

    Companies that install call accounting software have experienced a 10%-30% reduction in telephone costs. Because employees know that call records are being maintained, empolyees make and receive less personal calls. Also, if you do telemarketing, inbound or outbound, sales can increase by allowing telemarketing managers to see who is working. Ask your telemarketing manager if they would be interested in this information.

    Telcom & Data is offering a free 30 day trial of Tapit Call Accounting to help businesses learn more about the benefits of tracking all phone calls. To get a free 30 day trial of Tapit call accounting software click here

  • Voip phone – An effective expense management solution

    Business interactions plays a vital role in expanding the trade network. There are many advanced means of communication which widely helps in the global enhancement of the business. Conferencing on phone is the most common way to continue trade interactions. VoIP phones with latest advance technology, are used for conferencing by the business organization of almost all the sizes.

    VoIP phones are considered as full-duplex. The attached speakers to the phone facilitates audio clarity. The wide variety of devices helps to continue conferencing, anywhere and anytime. The voip phone are attached with VoIP gateways to excel over the advance business. It tends to save money on long distance phone calls. It is easy-to-use. It's sophisticated features surpass the usage of traditional phones.

    Voip phone's software has upgraded potential and bandwidth efficiency that facilitates other tedious business functions. It provides the other facilities like call transfer, call mute, call on hold, inbound and outbound call register, etc. Thus, the phone supports the business firms to carry hassle free trade.

    Incremental progress in the advance technology evolves new conferencing systems. These system includes many conferencing systems like web conferencing, audio conferencing, and video conferencing. Among them, video conferencing solutions are most commonly used and appreciated by the business enterprises.

    The video conferencing solutions allows the real time trade interaction between business delegates who are otherwise located in any corner of the world. It facilitates the business personnels to share the secret documents, blue prints, market strategies and sales analysis report of the company. It also helps the powerful authority of the business firms to conduct live meetings and seminars of the company. Thus, it saves time and money of the business delegates and promotes remarkable increase in the productivity of the business.

    Through the help of the video conferencing solutions, the head office of a big business firm can monitor the working of all the employees in various branches. It also facilitates the head office to conduct emergency meeting with the required employee without traveling to the place. Thus, in a way, it leads the highest business authority to have regular and close check with the help of high speed internet connections.

    For subscribing to video conferencing solutions, a business enterprise requires a computer with a sound card, a microphone and a mini-camera. Conferencing system together offers the company or association, a wide range of virtual conferencing solutions to smoothen their business activities.

  • VoIP Conferencing Phone

    VoIP conferencing phone - Facilitating better communications at lesser cost
    VoIP phones facilitate organizations to communicate in a better way at lesser costs. VoIP is one of the latest inventions in the field of communication. For making a call to any part of the world, using this technology, an internet connection and appropriate equipment is all that is required.

    VoIP phones with several advanced features are manufactured by many leading manufactures. Although these equipments come with a number of next generation features they are efficient, comfortable and easy to use.

    With the increasing popularity of VoIP phone systems, organizations of all sizes are getting them installed in the offices because of the cheap communication options which they provide. The different equipments come with different features. An organization can choose an equipment for themselves as per their business requirements.

    Most of the VoIP conferencing phone systems come with a wide variety of features like call waiting, call forward, call transfer, call mute, speaker, caller ID etc, in order to facilitate a smooth conferencing. Some of the latest models of VoIP phones also support Wi-Fi technology and Microsoft Windows. These phones have a good sound quality and increased standby time, as well as, talk time.

    A good quality VoIP conferencing phone definitely proves to be a cost effective communication medium for an organization.

  • What You Need to Know About Video Conferencing Solutions

    Desktop Video Conferencing - The latest video conferencing solutions
    Desktop video conferencing, often known as PC conferencing, is not only the latest, but also one of the best technologies in the area of video conferencing. It is a cost effective method, as a webcam, microphone and a fast internet connection is all that is required to make a PC conference work.

    For hosting a regular video conference, an entire unit consisting of cameras and video output devices etc, has to be set-up. But desktop video conferencing easily brings video conferencing to one's doorstep. Moreover, thousands of IT experts are working round the clock, in a number of locations worldwide, to develop the best software and technology to support PC video conferencing in the best possible way.

    Desktop video conferencing software, for the very first time, was launched in the market a few years ago. It was known as the P2P video conferencing technology which supported text chats, desktop sharing, document sharing, and application sharing etc. This technology allowed to record the full session of a conference. It was very simple and easy to use. This software was Windows based but could be adapted to other OS like Linux and Macs. Although this technology was initially developed for the large and prestigious organizations, now organizations of all sizes are using it and enjoying the many benefits.

    The present day desktop video conferencing software is a browser based application which can be easily installed in the PC. After installing the software and getting connected to the internet, a user can participate in a video conferencing by using a username and password.

    Like all other video conferencing solutions, PC video conferencing services were also very expensive initially. But with many service providers in the market and the tough competition between them, these services are now made available at reasonable rates. There are many service providers available in the market who offer free video conferencing services as well. However, the paid services are more reliable, secured and of better quality.

    After installation, the desktop video conferencing systems are easy to use. These systems are also compact in size. There are a few controls for PC video conferencing which are very simple to use. The controls can be easily accessed from the computer screen and video window. The users are allowed to freeze the video, mute and unmute the microphone and access a menu which contains access to some other main features of PC video conferencing.

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