CAM8PRO Microphone Mixer-Compressor 2-channel 8-input Line by Bogen Communications

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Product Overview

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  • 8 independently assignable inputs

  • Dual-bus design with Main/AUX output selector for each input

  • Compressor/Limiter (Main output)

  • Compressor/Limiter Bypass switch

  • Adjustable Threshold and Ratio Controls

  • LED Bar Graph Output Meter (Peak or Average)

  • Pluggable terminal strip connections

  • Separate Auxiliary input

  • Balanced inputs and outputs

  • Direct bus connection for cascading multiple mixers

  • MIC/Line switch for each input and Main output

  • Gain/Trim Control for each input

  • Low Cut Filter for each input

  • Switchable Phantom Power for condenser MIC inputs

  • Input Level Control knob for each input

  • Output Level Control knob for Main and AUX outputs

  • Headphone Output

  • Sealed potentiometers for low noise and long life

  • Heavy-duty construction

  • External power supply

  • Single-rack space


The CAM8PRO Microphone Mixer-Compressor 2-channel 8-input Line by Bogen Communications provides studio-quality performance and dual-bus flexibility in a compact and economical design. It combines superb performance with a generous array of simple-to-use features in a single-rack space design. It features 8 independently assignable inputs switchable between MIC and Line. Each input has a trim control, a switchable low-cut filter, and a Main/Auxiliary bus output selector. An additional Auxiliary input can be routed to the Main output, AUX output, or both by setting internal jumpers. Phantom Power is provided for condenser microphones.

The CAM8PRO also features a built-in Compressor/Limiter with adjustable Threshold and Ratio Controls. A Bar Graph Output Meter indicates output signal levels. The CAM8PRO also includes a headphone output. Solidly engineered, the Bogen CAM8PRO mixer will provide many years of trouble-free operation.


Signal-to-Noise Ref +26 dBV @ 54 dB sys gain = 90 dB
Mic Pre-amp EIN -129 dB @ 150-ohms, 20 Hz to 20 kHz

Max. Voltage Gain

Frequency Response

Crosstalk (adjac. ch.)

Phantom Power

96 dB

±1 dB from 20 Hz to 20 kHz

better than -90 dB

+30V DC


Input Impedance

3.5k-ohm MIC 15k-ohm Line

Nom. Source Impedance

Line Pad

Input Gain/Trim Range

Nominal Input Level
(trim pot mid-range)

150 ohms

-50 dB

40 dB

-50 dBμ line pad off
0 dBμ line pad on

Minimum Input Level
(trim pot max gain)

-70 dBμ line pad off
-20 dBμ line pad on

Maximum Input Level
(trim pot min gain plus +20dB headroom)

-30 dBμ line pad off
+20 dBμ line pad on


Input Impedance
Nominal Input Leve

20k-ohm balanced
0 dBμ


Output Impedance

220-ohm unbalanced,
440-ohm balanced

Nom. Load Impedance

Nominal Level

Maximum Level

Main Output Mic Pad

600 ohms

+4 dBμ RMS

+26 dBμ RMS Balanced

-50 dB


LED Bar Graph

-18, -12, -6, -3, 0, +3, +6, +12VU (0 VU = +4 dB) Average or Peak reading


Threshold Adj.

Range Ratio Adj. Range

Low Cut Filter

Power Requirements

+20 dB to -20 dB

0 to 100%

18 dB/octave at 100 Hz

17V AC center-tapped,
120V AC, 60 Hz


Product Weight

19" W x 1-3/4" H x 7-1/2" D

7 lb.

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