What You Need to Know About Video Conferencing Solutions

Desktop Video Conferencing - The latest video conferencing solutions
Desktop video conferencing, often known as PC conferencing, is not only the latest, but also one of the best technologies in the area of video conferencing. It is a cost effective method, as a webcam, microphone and a fast internet connection is all that is required to make a PC conference work.

For hosting a regular video conference, an entire unit consisting of cameras and video output devices etc, has to be set-up. But desktop video conferencing easily brings video conferencing to one's doorstep. Moreover, thousands of IT experts are working round the clock, in a number of locations worldwide, to develop the best software and technology to support PC video conferencing in the best possible way.

Desktop video conferencing software, for the very first time, was launched in the market a few years ago. It was known as the P2P video conferencing technology which supported text chats, desktop sharing, document sharing, and application sharing etc. This technology allowed to record the full session of a conference. It was very simple and easy to use. This software was Windows based but could be adapted to other OS like Linux and Macs. Although this technology was initially developed for the large and prestigious organizations, now organizations of all sizes are using it and enjoying the many benefits.

The present day desktop video conferencing software is a browser based application which can be easily installed in the PC. After installing the software and getting connected to the internet, a user can participate in a video conferencing by using a username and password.

Like all other video conferencing solutions, PC video conferencing services were also very expensive initially. But with many service providers in the market and the tough competition between them, these services are now made available at reasonable rates. There are many service providers available in the market who offer free video conferencing services as well. However, the paid services are more reliable, secured and of better quality.

After installation, the desktop video conferencing systems are easy to use. These systems are also compact in size. There are a few controls for PC video conferencing which are very simple to use. The controls can be easily accessed from the computer screen and video window. The users are allowed to freeze the video, mute and unmute the microphone and access a menu which contains access to some other main features of PC video conferencing.

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