Instant PRI, T1, High Speed Data Circuits quoting tool available on line

Telcom & Data Inc is very pleased to announce a new instant quoting tool for PRI, T1 and High Speed Data circuits. The instant quoting tool provides comparison shopping of up to 10 different quotes from the major telephone services providers available in a particular city or area. The tool was designed to take the hassle out of shopping for competitive telephone service quotes. To use the system a user simply in puts location information which is automatically checked against the US Post Offices data base and validated. A few moments later a quote is produced which can be printed out.

Types of phone services that are available for instant quotes include PRI or Primary rate Interface, T1, POTS lines, DSL, and High Speed Data T1s. Not available at this time for instant quoting is SIP trunks, MPLS service, and fiber quotes. MPLS instant quoting is on the horizon and is available as a manual quote. To try the instant quoting tool go to

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