Upgrade Your Allworx IP Phone System to R7.1

The Allworx IP Phone System Release System 7.1 Software Upgrade offers a barrage of new system features and advanced software options and third-party product support. The Allworx system introduced in 2004 integrates a feature-rich phone system and robust data network system with advanced features that substantially improve your company's productivity while saving you on-going costs. The integrated T1/PRI (voice) and T1 (data) capability provides even more cost savings and reliability than any other offer in the industry. Finally, you have an exciting, new communications technology that’s designed specifically for small and medium businesses. The New R7.1 upgrade offers features including:

Enhanced Phone Alerts — Sends immediate audible and visual alerts to designated handsets whenever an emergency 911 call is made from any handset. Also the Allworx system supports optional email and cell phone alerts.
Announce Only Call Answering — Answer only option allows outgoing information only announcements.
Voice Activity Detection on Message Recordings
— Eliminates dead air voicemail messages.
Anonymous Call Handling — Incoming calls with blocked caller ID information are automatically routed to a designated extension.
Wireless Headset Support — New functionality to support wireless headsets on Allworx 9212 and 9224 phones without the need for an automatic handset lifter.

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