Conferencing has made the world even smaller!

Video conferencing microphone is one such product of the on-going Technological momentum that has changed the way we meet people.
The technology behind a video conferencing microphone allows two way audio and video transmissions between two or more locations via internet. This allows communication between groups and not only individuals unlike it's counterparts. However, an omni directional microphone should be put to use in case of professional meetings so that it can cover each and every person present in the room.

The advantages of a video conferencing microphone lie in the fact that it makes it possible to have a live conversation when being physically present is not an option. Moreover, it also is of utmost importance, when some visual information needs to be shared. Not only this, the advent of video conferencing microphones has also led to the decrease in the amount of money and time spent on sending executives to outstation locations for meetings etc, which can now be held in the conference room of the office itself. It also saves the professional the tiring experience of a trip that now seems unnecessary.

A conferencing phone, is another similar invention. It also enables the participation of an entire group during the conference but can only assist in audio transmission. Apart from this, a conferencing phone also has all the options like redial, flash, volume control, speed dial, wide screen and it also has in-built memory to save contacts. It thus provides for the flexibility of holding a meeting in the comfort of your cabin.

Emergency phones are another type of telecommunication device utilized by professionals employed in jobs that answer emergencies. Again, they are well- designed to suit the bill and are ideal for communication requirements at the time of emergency. They come in both wall- mounted and desk- top variants.

There are many companies in the field of telecommunication providing these services. Avaya phone systems, however, is one of the fastest emerging players in the industry that provide premium products to suit your requirements in the best possible way. There is a large number of business phones on sale in a wide price range as well as covering the most basic as well as the most recent technologies that the industry has to offer.

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