4 Tips for Offering Extraordinary Customer Service at Hotels

Most hotels I have stayed at offer neither bad nor incredibly good service. At every hotel, I get a comfortable bed, cable television, and a hot shower. Your hotel doesn't have to be mediocre by offering “us too” services. Below are 4 ways to take your customer service to the next level.

1. Find out why the guest is in town

By finding out why the guest is staying in town, you may be able to do something extra special for them. If a couple is staying for their anniversary, wouldn't it be nice to give them a card or a complimentary dessert to show your congratulations?

2. Offer value-added services at check-in

Many hotels offer food service and wake-up calls. However, most hotels wait for the customer to request these services rather than informing the guest during check-in.  Every attendant should end the check in procedure by saying things like:

“Mr. Smith you're almost all set. Would you like to schedule a wake-up call for tomorrow morning?”

“If you are hungry, you can call our food service. There will be a menu on the telephone table in your room.”

“Is there anything else I can help you with?”

3. Use room phones with programmable buttons

Offering a modern phone with easy one-touch dialing for food service, wake-up call scheduling, taxi cab requests, and luggage assistance will please your guests by saving them time and hassle. At Telcom & Data, we recommend the Scitec T5-08 telephone.  It has 5 programmable buttons, one-touch message retrieval, and customizable volume controls. The phone packs a lot of value into a very economical price. Learn more here.

4. Send guests a hand-written thank you note

Didn’t your mother teach you to say thank you? A handwritten thank you card from the attendant that checked in the guest will make sure they remember the extraordinary customer service they experienced during their stay. The next time someone asks them for a hotel recommendation, your hotel will be the first one mentioned.

Final thought

Little things make a big difference with customers and will differentiate you from your competitors. I hope these tips make your hotel the best in town!

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  • Tex Hooper

    I like the idea of offering value-added services to check-in. I need to get a hotel for my stay in Europe. I'll have to book months ahead of time.

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