Report Favors Customer Owned Conferencing Systems

In a research showed a decline in the overall use of hosted conferencing services in favor of in house conference call systems The report shows a decrease of 48% of hosted conferencing solutions and a 52% increase in purchases of customer owned conferencing solutions. This is a trend that is expected to continue for the next 5-7 years.

The teleconferencing and collaboration markets continue to grow; especially with the inclusion of new technologies, enhanced security, and attractive price points. However, the trend for the largest increase is for the CPE (on-premise) market. This is due in part because of privacy concerns and security, cost control, and the drastically reduced total cost of ownership that can be obtained only by owning your collaboration solution.

What are the end users doing and why?
• 54% of all meetings now done with conferencing.
• 78% of conferencing users now believe it helps them get more work done.
• 64% of conferencing users believe it makes them more competitive in their position

In Conclusion….The conferencing and collaboration market continues to grow. Enterprises are increasing their usage and monthly spend on these services. This positively impacts our ROI analysis and makes it an even more compelling statement. More and more enterprises will be looking at bringing this capability in house.

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