Designing a School Paging and Intercom System

Do you need communications from your schools adminstrative offices to the classrooms? Here are is a quick read on how to set one up. First off a school paging system is a necessity for safety reasons. A bell system doesn’t really provide detailed information during an emergency. Also a school paging system should provide communications from the classroom back to the office.
Setting up a system is much easier than it might seem. First you need to figure out how many zones you might need. A zone is an area that can include classrooms, lunch rooms, gymnasium and other common areas including hallways and outdoor gathering areas.

There are school paging systems available from Bogen Communications that can handle anything from a large school district to a small school under 25 zones or classrooms very cost effectively.

A school paging system requirements should include: 2 way talk back and monitor feature so teachers and administrative offices can communicate back and forth, all zone page to announce to all zones. Audio in puts for music, Time Tone for start and stop class schedules, and should have Microphone inputs.

Classrooms should use a wall mount speaker or ceiling speaker with a call switch. A speaker when wired to the control unit provides two way communications when connected to a call switch.

Speaker wire must be run or be existing from the adminstrative office back to each classroom. Speaker wire should be a standard 18 gauge. Each class room will have a connection on the back of the intercom counsole.

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