Call Accounting Software Helps Reduce Phone Costs and Increase Productivity

What is the single best way to increase productivity and lower telephone costs? Tapit NOVA Call accounting is the single best way to increasing productivity and lowering telephone operating costs. Call accounting by Tapit NOVA is a Windows based software program that collects, analyzes, and reports on calling activities. Employees are on the phone but are they talking with customers? Tapit produces over 60 reports which enables you to analyze calls and process call data for telephone accounting. Some of the reports include: Extension Detail, Account Detail, Department Detail, Extension Details, Division Summaries, Call Volume By Hour, Most Expensive and Longest Calls, Number Of Calls Made Per Extension ( Very Valuable to Telemarketing Sales Managers), Trunk Utilization Totals (excellent for Re Configuring System Trunks), and Carrier Comparison ( which allows you to compare your phone bill with actual usage). All reports can be viewed on your computer, printed, emailed or saved to hard disk.
Companies that install Tapit call accounting have experienced a 10%-30% reduction in telephone costs. Because employees know that call records are being maintained, employees make and receive less personal calls. Also, if you do telemarketing, inbound or outbound, sales can increase by allowing telemarketing managers to see who is working. Ask your telemarketing manager if they would be interested in this information.

Is your phone company over billing you? How can you find out? Over billing is a big business. In fact, telephone bill auditors make hundreds of thousands of year getting credits back for their customers. Tapit Nova can run reports and compare what your long distance company is charging you.

Tapit Fraud Alert Module protects your company from a 3 billion dollar problem facing business today. The average fraud price tag is $ 42,000.00 . The Tapit Fraud alert module alarms you when set calling parameters are being breached by sounding and an alarm and paging a designated pager.

The Tapit Nova system is user friendly and user installable. Your phone system sends Tapit call information through its SMDR port and Tapit formats the information in to reports. Tapit Nova is web based user interface and allows you to view reports and have favorite reports ready at the click of a mouse. Department administrators can drop and drag employees from one department to another. Reports can be set up once and then are automatically produced at the specified time/ daily, weekly, monthly etc. Remote maintenance and hot line service is available as well as long distance rate up dates.

Multi-Site Users can take advantage of Nova’s multi site module that enables to monitor and run reports for two or more locations. Our unique SMDR over IP alleviates the need for remote data collection devices. You can schedule report runs and store all call data centrally for all locations.

Tapit Nova minimum PC requirements are a dedicated PC with Windows XP Pro, Windows 7, 2003 or 2008 Duo Core Processor, 2GB RAM, Network Card, DVD R Drive, 250GB Hard Disk Drive.

Trisys Corporation, the manufacturer of Tapit Nova is doing a Try Tapit Free for 30 days promotion. If you don't think that Tapit can't help you control costs and increase productivity do nothing and the 30 day trial will expire. If you’re like most organizations call us before the 30 day trial expires and will send you an unlock code. Call us at 800-335-0229 to receive your free 30 day trial today! Or Visit

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