DuVoice Voicemail Supports SIP Integration for IP Phone Systems

DuVoice voicemail systems now supports station side SIP interface for most IP based phone systems including Avaya IP Office. In this configuration, each DuVoice voice channel is supported by one SIP station on the PBX. DuVoice products will be available as turnkey systems pre-loaded on DuVoice provided servers, or as a software only solution that is loaded onto a customer provided computer. All features, functions and system administration of the original product are supported in the SIP version.

SIP configuration presents two immediate advantages. The first is that with SIP, the physical analog or digital voice board traditionally used in voice mail systems since the beginning of the technology is no longer required. This eliminates the cost of the board(s) as well as the need to provision for the board in the voice mail system server. Now that PCI slots are no longer required, the DuVoice application can run on a blade in the rack, and can be easily co-located with other applications. The second advantage is that physical voice mail extensions are no longer required on the PBX, thereby reducing cost, complexity and points of failure on the switch end.

As PBX manufacturers such as Avaya adopt SIP station standards, DuVoice will have readymade high end integration for these switches. Currently, DuVoice has successfully tested its SIP solution on several PBX systems. “A SIP endpoint integration makes our products more cost effective and compatible with most IP enabled local or hosted PBXs.” stated Jon Dulude, DuVoice CEO. “With the abundance of bandwidth today SIP also allows DuVoice solutions to be deployed in centralized or hosted environments as well.” For more information on Duvoice voicemail systems call 800-335-0229 or visit www.voice-mail.org

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