Sonexis Offers Multi Language Audio Conferencing Bridge Support

Sonexis, a premier manufacturer of Conferencing Systems, is pleased to announce Multi Language (Audio) support including Spanish in the latest software release. The feature is available via a new license key.
The Sonexis Multi Language feature gives the customer the ability to configure their system for English or Spanish, or to allow each conference host and participant to select the language they want to hear when they first dial in. In addition, each of these options can be configured on a per-dialed number basis. For example, you could have one number that when dialed will present all of the prompts in English, another number that will present the prompts in Spanish, and a third number that would offer the user the choice of English or Spanish.

Sonexis engineers designed this feature, keeping in mind that other customers might require different languages supported such as Japanese, Chinese Mandarin, or any other language so the core architecture requires very little engineering work to add additional languages.

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