How To WOW Your Customers

It is a banner time to reach out to telcommunications technology to help improve your business. The technology currently available used to be only available to Fortune 500 companies. Technology has improved and is affordable to any size company and able to help you create better customer relationships, improve productivity, lower costs and increase sales. In Jeffery Gitomer's excellent book "Customer Satisfaction is Worthless" (Bard Press), Mr. Gitomer explains in a powerful and fun approach how to make customers love you, keep them coming back and tell everyone they know about you. He calls it the WOW factor. In other words does your customer say WOW when thinking about or describing your company? As in so many businesses, everything starts with the first impression and in most cases that first impression is in the form of a phone call. There is much to be said about that first call and how it was answered. We have defined several areas to help improve upon that ever so important first impression. Everything begins with the first impression:

How was the customer’s initial call handled?
How many rings did it take for the call to be answered?
Was the caller greeted in a friendly and enthusiastic manner?
Are you able to listen to calls to ensure proper handling?
How many calls are you receiving?
How long are customers sitting on hold?
How many callers hang up after holding too long?
What are people listening to while hold?
When holding, did your customer receive information to help them make informed decisions about your company’s products and services or a radio commercial about your competitors company?
When the call came in, did you know it was your best customer or just another call?
When the call was transferred, did the customer end up in voice mail or did they speak to a live person?
Are you able to hold meetings for monitoring and reviewing customer calls?
Knowing the answers to these questions can make the difference between being memorable and being forgettable. It all begins with the first impression. If you don't know the answer to these questions, it’s time to talk to Telcom & Data about stepping up your game. Enhancing the complete customer service experience is paramount to staying in business. There are 3 types of customers - customers that are merely satisfied, customers who are dissatisfied, and customers who are WOWED. To learn more about giving your customers the WOW experience, contact Telcom & Data today at 800-335-0229 to receive a free consultation with an ROI analysis. Ask for our WOW solution!

From the desk of Ricardo Trinidad
Telcom & Data Inc.

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