How to Identify Your Merlin Phone System

We receive hundreds of calls from customers that use Merlin phone systems but don’t know which Merlin phone system they use. Usually we get something like “ I have a Merlin BIS phone and I need help”. The Merlin system was originally manufactured in the early 80s. There were several systems that have since been manufactured. The systems include the Merlin 206, Merlin 410, 820, Merlin 10/30, 30/70 , Merlin Plus 820D, Merlin II, Merlin Legend and Merlin Magix. There were also several types of Merlin Phone models that are used by the various systems.

First thing when trying to identify which Merlin phone system you have is to locate the control unit which is usually located in the phone closet. The Merlin cabinets can be several colors including grey, black, off white, or beige and mounting either horizontally or vertically. The earlier Merlin phone system including the Merlin 206, 410 and 820 are incased in a grey color plastic cabinet and can include a black cover. If you can locate a Merlin control unit it will have many phone cords plugged into the unit. The unit will be designated as to the model on the right middle part of the unit. If there is a cover it can easily be removed by pulling from the top down. Once the cover is removed the system identification will be revealed.

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