What Makes Allworx IP Phone System New Release 7.3 the Best Business Phone System?

What Makes Allworx IP Phone System New Release 7.3 the Best Business Phone System?

Allworx introduces its new 7.3 release for Allworx 6X and 48X systems and with that have significantly added to their dominance in the SMB IP phone system market. Allworx really understands it’s customers and the interconnects that that service the customers. Allworx is building software and hardware that business owners want and need to move their businesses forward. I will often tell a customer before you buy a phone system ask yourself if this phone system is going to measurably improve your business. If as a business owner or manager doesn’t know or care then I say don’t but the phone system just to make a lateral move. With the Allworx new 7.3 release the case is clear this phone system can really help improve your business in a variety of ways.

Lowering costs can help a business improve its bottom line. Here the Allworx rules with a lower total cost of ownership than any other system out there. First Allworx includes an astonishing amount of built in features that most other manufacturers want to charge extra for. Most manufacturers make money the old fashion way by charging for individual licenses. Not the case with Allworx. This works well for both the customer and the interconnect service company because from a configuration stand point there are less part numbers to order. Less parts, less licensing equals less money for a phone system. INGENIUS! Need to save more money? Get away from POTS lines and take advantage of the NO licensing SIP trunking feature. SIP phone lines and technology are being used all of the time and you might be using it now and not even know it. For example many residential users often will bundle Cable, Phone, and internet service through their service provider. Residential calls are being handled over high speed internet. With the Allworx taking advantage of SIP trunking can reduce your phone bill by thousands of dollars each year. Want to take advantage of your existing PRI or T1? No problem, the Allworx 48X has built in PRI and T1 connectivity. Yes you read correctly, built in. Ready to save more money? How about the cost of maintenance? Allworx offers its customers the ability to purchase very low cost extended warranties for on the system and phones. The affordable extended warranties allow customers to budget for unforeseen phone issues. Allworx will simply over night any part failure. No need to purchase expensive maintenance agreements. Allworx release 7.3 offers much more then cost savings.

The NEWEST Allworx system software 7.3 integrates a full suite of server and IP phone software features with high-value capabilities.

· Innovation to Configurable Dial Plan — Enables significantly greater dialing configuration - especially in multi-site environments
· Hot Desking — Easily allows users to ‘log on’ to any IP phone with just your ID and PIN number. Perfect for a shared workspace environment or for a mobile workforce
· Day/Night Schedules Per Auto Attendant Greeting — Configure your greetings differently day or night for different work hour schedules in each department
· Speed Dial Enhancements — With the touch of a single button, dialing to outside services requiring unique digits like conference bridges, banks or pharmacies is easier, because additional digits will be additionally dialed out
· Visual Message Center Display — Navigate voicemail messages through the LCD phone screen
· Expanded Park Orbits — Calls can now be parked and retrieved from any location in a multi-site environment
· Advanced Multi-site Paging — Your page announcements are delivered anywhere they need to be heard including page zones to or from other sites
· Call Assistant — Greater visibility of hot desked users and call queues enhances incoming call processing and management capabilities
· ACD & Call Queuing Enhancements — More robust intelligent routing of our incoming queue calls to agents
· Configurable Voicemail Message Length — Maximize the length of messages up to 15 minute

For a on lime demo of Allworx or consultation on how IP phone system technology can help improve your business please feel to call Telcom & Data at 800-335-0229

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