Avaya IP Office R7 for Business Phone System Users comes with New Impressive Features

If you are thinking about purchasing a new business phone system take some notes here. First and foremost only buy a phone system that can actually help improve your business. What is the sense of buying a new phone system if it can’t help improve your business?

Avaya recently released the IP Office 500 R7 system and it is by far the best release yet to date, This latest platform should prove Avaya’s dominance in the SMB arena. The IP 500 offers scalability for small offices of 4 up to 1000 employees and offers networking for businesses with multiple locations.

A phone system should be able to improve business in several areas including growing sales, enhancing customer service, reducing costs and employee retention.

How can a phone system grow sales? Avaya IP Office when integrated with Tapit Call Accounting can track all of your sales peoples out bound and inbound calls. A sales manager with out reports will have a hard time trying to get sales people to make customer calls. Call reporting can identify how many calls are being made, what numbers are being called, the most frequently dialed numbers, the longest calls, total connect time for the day and much more. Getting reports can help your sales reach their targets and that will bring in the big bucks.

Call accounting can help sales reps bring in new customer but customer service helps you keep them. The Avaya IP Office offers many customer service tools to help track how many calls are going to customer service, how long customers are waiting on hold, how many customers hung up before being helped. Call reporting can help you determine that right amount of agents to have in customer service. Other features like call recording can help you identify what your customer service people are saying to your customers. This is invaluable training tool in unearthing best practices. What, how and the way a customer service agent talks to your customers will often make the difference between success and failure. Most customer relationship management programs such as ACT, Goldmine, and other CRMs are able to integrate with AVAYA IP Office to do screen pops as well as automatically dialing customers. Auto Dialing customers can reduce the amount of time to connect calls and increase total dials for the day, week month, etc. The call recording feature can help you understand how calls are being handled and what is being said to customers. Call recording can be very effective in training sales reps on the phone.

Enhancing Customer Service.

Enhancing customer service is always a good investment. Here are several ways to this. Speeding up call completion can help your customers get to the right person as fast as possible. Look for ways to help speed call completion including adding direct dial numbers to departments and individuals. Adding a message on hold player to keep callers on hold longer and more patiently is a good idea and provides an opportunity for customers to learn more about your business.

If you have a large volume of incoming calls adding Call Center Manager software can help you manage staff on hold times of customers with complete reporting off all calls.

Lowering Phone Bills with IP Office

The converged communications platform benefits users by helping to reduce phones costs. Newer technology such as SIP trunking can help lower phone bills. Unlike other phone systems the Avaya IP Office allows users to use regular analog POTS lines, PRI/T1 and SIP giving customers all options available to connect calls. SIP trunks are about 40% less than analog pots lines and there are some FCC and tax advantages as well.

Multi location businesses can reduce point to point calling costs by networking locations. Point to Point calls made over the network are like intercom calls.

Conference Call bills can be eliminated by using the built in conference bridge on the IP Office. The IP Office conference call system can handle up to 64 conference participants.

Employee Retention

How can your phone system help with employee retention? Offering key employees the ability to work from home on a full or part time basis is a huge low cost benefit. Ask any employee if they would like the ability to work from home and you will get a resounding YES. Working from home makes things easier for employees to spend a little more time with family and lower commuting costs. More and more companies are offering work from home options and if you are not your employee could end up at a competitor that does. All your employee needs is good high speed internet and an IP phone set. The IP Office allows users to connect back to the office with out losing any functionality. Telecommuters usually work longer and better from home.

To learn more about AVAYA IP Office call 800-335-0229 or visit us at http://www.telcom-data.com/avaya-ip-office.aspx

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