Telcom & Data Introduces High-Performance School Intercom and Paging System for up to 75 Rooms

Whether communicating the morning announcements or an emergency, paging systems are critical for efficient communication and safe schools. Telcom & Data, a leader in school voice amplification and paging systems, is proud to introduce Bogen’s SI35A intercom system for academic settings. The unit supports up to 75 classrooms. The SI35A delivers fast and dependable intercommunication and tone signaling. The unit can distribute a variety of material from equipment such as microphones, stereos, or other background music sources. Users can select program material, as well as its distribution to selected rooms with the simple push of a button and by following color-coded guidelines. Teachers are able to converse hands-free with the control center operator over their individual classroom speaker. School emergencies such as severe wheather, fires, intruders, or injuries require immediate attention. The S135A features an emergency page capability for simultaneous announcements to all stations. Emergency paging can be made from a remote telephone or microphone. When Ricardo Trinidad, President of Telcom & Data, was asked about Bogen S135A, he said, “This system is really cost-effective for smaller schools. It’s simple to use and provides vital safety communication. It’s something every school needs.”

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