Text Message Notification is NOT Enough

Emergency Message Notification is still a fairly new concept and many schools and companies are making the same mistake by determining that text messaging is enough during an emergency. Text Messaging is only one avenue of communications and only one part of successful emergency management resolution.
The very first action should be group alerting to first responders. First responders can be security, police, fire, medical and other emergency services. An emergency conference with first responders provides valuable assessment of the situation. This is the number one key ingredient to insure a correct course of action. With out proper assessment inaccurate information can be broadcasted leading to further problems and endangerment of public safety. Misinformation sent could have dire consequences and even shift a burden of responsibility to the sender of the information.

Once a proper assessment is done, better and more accurate information can be sent via TEXT, SMS, Paging System, Screen Pops, Reader Boards and Reverse 911 blast dialing for much broader notification coverage. An open line of communications between all first responders can insure that everyone understands what is unfolding. If events change during an emergency newer information can be sent.

Triggering of a group alert should be as easy as making a phone call. Specific alerts such as weather, fire, crime related, or medical emergency such be able to instantly contact pre-determined emergency groups.

After an emergency a reporting feature would be able to to allow check in of personnel. Reports can be generated to see who successfully was reached. An audio recording of the emergency should also be available to help investigate the incident.

If your school or company is considering an emergency notification system make sure the following features are in place to ensure the successful emergency resolution.

Automatic Group Alerting of an emergency via a phone call or mouse click with text to voice capabilities
Emergency Conference of first responders for accurate assessment.
Emergency Message Notification simultaneously via, Text, SMS, Paging System, Screen Pops, and Reader Boards.
Reporting of all successful and unsuccessful notifications.
Recording of all emergency conferencing parties for follow up investigations.
Information Only Type Mailboxes to allow for update information for outside callers.
RSS feeds to deliver up to the minute on weather, amber alert, and other emergency information feeds.

If your school or company is considering an Emergency Message Notification system and woud like additional information or help please call Ricardo Trinidad with Telcom & Data Inc.at 800-335-0229 ext 152

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