Telcom & Data Introduces Engenius Long Range Cordless Phones for Companies Needing to Stay Connected over Large Areas

Regular office phones do not work for all companies. Some businesses stretch over such a large area that normal phones can't reach. Standard office phones have a limited range because they are corded or aren't powerful enough. These phones are restricted from being used large distances away from their base. This is not ideal for companies that cover multiple acres or several floors. They are forced to have an assortment of phones placed all around the area. Telcom & Data is proud to provide a cordless phone with some serious range. The DuraFon X1 Cordless Phone by Engenius has an outdoor range of up to 3,000 acres and indoor range of 250,000 sq. feet. The DuraFon X1 is the world's longest range cordless phone available and is ideal for farms, hospitals, golf courses, hotels, and any other large area. Indoors it can penetrate through 12 floors. Despite its heavy duty design the DuraFon X1 still has standard phone features including impressive battery life. A lithium battery provides six hours of talk time and 50 hours of standby time. Hands free talking is made possible with a built in headset adapter. Multi-line and multi-handset capabilities are also features of the phone. It can handle up to four lines, one line per base, and up to 36 handsets, nine handsets per base. Caller ID, call waiting and music on hold functions are also included. An optional antenna for increasing range can be purchased. For more information about the DuraFon X1 Cordless Phone by Engenius, visit Telcom & Data's website or call 800-335-0229 About Telcom & Data: Since 1996 Telcom & Data has been providing thousands of telecommunications solutions to organizations around the world to measurably improve communications. The company is a leader in business phone systems, intercom systems, and mass notification products. Telcom & Data maintains a network of over 1600 technicians with locations in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Miami.

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