Strong reasons for businesses to switch to VoIP Phone System

Finding a way to save some money, even a small amount, can be vital for today's small businesses. With a strong Internet connection, changing phone systems over to VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) can help keep expensive, unnecessary long-distance and roaming charges off phone bills, saving plenty of cash. There are plenty of advantages in switching from landlines or cell phones to VoIP, and a recent release from has revealed three of the best reasons to cut the line and communicate over the Internet. One way VoIP can save money is by preventing expensive, unnecessary interactions with phone companies. Phone companies can charge large fees not only for monthly contracts, but also to send in technicians every time a line needs to be added or a desk needs an extension changed. Also, wires can create extensive, annoying clutter all across an office. As VoIP can be entirely wireless, not only does the clutter disappear, the service calls do too. VoIP can simply run on a pre-existing Internet connection; should you pay for a VoIP carrier, odds are their prices will be competitive. VoIP services can also cut down heavily on fax expenses. Fighting with unresponsive machines and spending too much to send papers through fax aren't necessary any longer; over IP, documents can be sent directly over the Internet. Paper and ink costs won't be as expensive and won't take up space around the office. Mobile VoIP is a third, ingenious way to cut down on costs while boosting productivity. Business VoIP plans can offer mobile apps and programs for smartphones, computers and tablets, meaning employees can always be in touch. Employees working remotely or from home can especially benefit from this service, as the programs can easily connect to any wireless Internet connection; as a result, it'd be easier than ever to keep in touch with employees, cutting down on office costs in the process. VoIP is a quickly growing industry, reported by Forbes to be worth as much as $15 billion. 30 million Americans pay for VoIP services, though that number does not include those who use free VoIP services. Telecom industry piece brought to you by Marlin Equipment Finance, leaders in telecommunications equipment financing. Marlin is a nationwide provider of equipment financing solutions supporting equipment suppliers and manufacturers in the security, food services, healthcare, information technology, office technology and telecommunications sectors. Article written by Brian E. Walsh - See more at:

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