Telcom & Data Introduces SoundStation 2 Conference Phones by Polycom for Companies Looking to Bring Higher Quality Audio to Their Conference Calls

Conference calls play a major role in modern day business. They allow a group of employees to communicate with associates and customers located far away. A regular office phone's speaker function is not built to be used by a conference room full of people. It will result in unclear and confusing conversations. Telcom & Data provides the world's best-selling conference phone. The Polycom SoundStation 2 is the ideal conference phone for small- to medium-sized conference rooms. Polycom's SoundStation 2 is unlike other speakerphones that only allow one person to talk at a time. Polycom's Acoustic Clarity Technology provides natural free flowing two-way discussions for a group of people. Dynamic Noise Reduction increases microphone sensitivity and reduces distracting background noise. The SoundStation 2 comes with 360 degree microphone coverage. No matter where a person is sitting there will be a microphone in front of them. Polycom also built in traditional telephone features like redial, mute, transfer and hold. Not only is the SoundStation 2 easy to install but it is also user friendly. It connects into any analog jock and can be connected to a PBX with an analog extension. A back lit screen displays dialed numbers, duration of call and caller ID. The SoundStation 2 also comes with the ability to increase coverage. Optional microphones and speakers can be added to the system for larger conference rooms. These will ensure that everyone can hear and be heard. For more information about the Polycom SoundStation 2, visit Telcom & Data's website or call 800-355-0229. About Telcom & Data: Since 1996 Telcom & Data has been providing thousands of telecommunications solutions to organizations around the world to measurably improve communications. The company is a leader in business phone systems, intercom systems, and mass notification products. Telcom & Data maintains a network of over 1600 technicians with locations in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Miami.

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