Telcom & Data Introduces the Emergency Firebar Ringdown Telephone Conference System by XOP Networks for Areas Looking to Increase Safety

Secluded campus type areas have a lot of people in a single area and much at stake if an emergency situation were to happen. With the possibility of an emergency situation happening anywhere at any time, a quick and simple system is needed that allows a person to notify the appropriate people in case of a situation. This type of system would increase reaction time and allows for a quick resolution of the threat. Telcom & Data is proud to carry a product to fill this need. An Emergency Firebar Ringdown Telephone Conference System by XOP Networks has the power to alert an entire campus with just one lift of a phone. The XOP Networks Emergency Firebar and Ringdown Telephone Conference System provides unique features that are designed for secure locations where instant communications is important. This system provides telephone ringdown capabilities to multiple locations. The firebar feature allows for a single phone to go off hook and automatically call the other phones in the group and connect callers to a single conference. The Blast Dial feature can call a group of telephone numbers for instant communications. A person close to the emergency can simply lift the handset on any of the connected phones and trigger a dial out to other phones. As people answer these calls they are automatically placed into a conference with the initiator. XOP Networks' Ringdown Firebar Conference Server ranges from eight ports to 96 ports. The conference system also allows people outside the immediate emergency area to be reached. For more information on the Emergency Firebar Ringdown Telephone Conference System by XOP Networks, visit Telcom & Data's website or call 800-335-0229. About Telcom & Data: Since 1996 Telcom & Data has been providing thousands of telecommunications solutions to organizations around the world to measurably improve communications. The company is a leader in business phone systems, intercom systems, and mass notification products. Telcom & Data maintains a network of over 1600 technicians with locations in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Miami.

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