Plantronics is shipping new 650e Bluetooth Headsets

Plantronics has released and is shipping some very nice new Bluetooth headsets. The Voyager line has expanded by 3 and the Discovery line has discontinued the 640e and replaced it with the 650e.

New Voyager headsets include the 520 the 815 and the 855.

The 520 and the 815 are all day comfort and have 8 and 7 hours (respectively) of talk time on a single charge. They have multipoint so they can both pair with multiple bluetooth devices. I have used them and they have excellent sound. The 815 has a telescoping boom that makes for clearer conversations and also serves to answer and end the call, which is very handy.

The Voyager 855 is same design as the 815 but with an added ear bud for listening to music. Please Note: It will only work if your (smart) phone has the A2DP profile which streams music wirelessly over a bluetooth connection. If you don’t have that profile you cannot listen to music on your bluetooth headset. You’ll have to check with your carrier to see if your phone has the A2DP profile.

If your company has a new headset roll out coming up and would like to evaluate our products to establish headset standards at your company please contact me. Evaluation units are available for that purpose.

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