BayView Milwaukee Water Main Floods AT&T Central Office

BayView Milwaukee Water Main Floods AT&T Central Office

We have had much snow and bitter cold this new year of 2014 here in the Midwest followed by some unseasonably warm weather. During the thaw all of this snow and ice is melting quicker than the city sewer system can handle and that of course leads to flooding. That was not the case at AT&T  as a water main burst near local AT&T Central Office in BayView Milwaukee WI.  causing phone outages. But when restoring phone and internet service could be days away what options does a business have?

Cable Services are readily available and installation can be as fast as a week. Using SIP trunks from a company like Broadvox can get you dial tone for inbound and outbound calling over the cable service if the bandwidth is sufficient enough. SIP Trunking is a replacement for traditional phone lines such as an analog lines or PRIs. Calls placed over the Internet are placed via a media gateway on the service provider’s network. SIP Trunking will work with old key systems or new IP PBXs, offering advanced VoIP features.

Wireless Broad Band is another quick turn around with installed service available in a day. With Wireless the advantage is obvious. No wires to accidentally cut or flooded central offices. Wireless also tends to be very affordable and is an excellent option to for a secondary WAN connection.

Hosted IVR(interactive voice response) is a web-based telephone technology that will automate your business phone by prompting callers with phone menu options. Think of it a remote auto attendant that can distribute your calls to cell phones, home phones other locations. Simply call your phone company up and tell them to point your main local number and or toll free number to the hosted IVR number. Record your auto attendant greeting and create your routing for instant call handling. This does not get you dial tone but it does get your calls answered instead of ring no answer or fast busy signals.

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