Get Ready to Pay Way More For Internet !

Thanks to the extremely poor judgement of the US Court of Appeals, Internet Service Providers like Verizon will now be allowed to block internet service or slow down  internet speed  to specific sites and steer users to other sites. So in other words, if you like Net-flicks an ISP could slow down speed unless a higher fee (toll) is paid.  Up until now all internet traffic was subject to network neutrality which meant equality for all sites and users. With this ruling internet service providers will be free to charge you more. Remember free luggage on airlines? Want to watch a YouTube Video?   Pay more. Want to down load a movie? Another fee thank you very much. At what point do companies like Comcast and Verizon make enough for their shareholders?  Think wealth inequality getting a boost. A big boost. 

Right now you use email, chat, video, instant messaging, gaming, Facebook,  pretty much your addicted to data connections. You are good with your data plan/dealer but now that you are hooked the good stuff or fast internet is going to cost more and will now get distributed to the people that have the money. If you don't have extra money to pay the man you are not going to experience the same access you have now. 

Think about all the poor barely making it right now. How will this effect school budgets and public libraries?  The internet was not supposed to be this way. If you are smart you better start calling your congressman and telling them they better do something about it.  Unless you are an ISP stock holder. In that case run down to the Porsche dealership and take that test drive.

From the Desk of Ricardo Trinidad




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