Telcom & Data Introduces Revolutionary Water-Cooled Rack Enclosure - 40% Less Energy Consumption than Traditional Infrastructure

Today, data centers are filled with smaller and more powerful servers that emit enormous amounts of heat. The most pressing problem data center mangers face is developing air conditioning systems and rack arrangements that sufficiently cool the equipment. Telcom & Data, a leader in server racks and enclosures, is proud to introduce Great Lake’s closed-loop, water-cooled enclosure (CLWCE) as an innovative solution. The CLWCE is a 36 rack mount unit (RMU), 19" EIA enclosure. The cooling system uses low pressure chilled water to remove the heat produced by the servers.

The CLWCE saves on floor space, power consumption, and maintenance. The unit consumes 50% less floor space than plenum cooling and consumes up to 40% less energy than traditional infrastructure. The high-tech cooling system limits the risk of overheating individual servers which will in turn save on maintenance costs.

When Brian Franz, the Midwest Regional Sales Manager at Great Lakes Case & Cabinet, was asked about the enclosure, he said, “The enclosure provides an integrated closed-loop cooling system. It seals servers from re-circulated exhaust, making it a versatile high-density solution for today’s data center challenges.”

For more information about the closed-loop, water-cooled server rack, visit Telcom & Data’s website or call 1-800-335-0229.

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