Telcom & Data is Proud to Offer Affordable Phone System Support Plans for Hospitals, Hotels, Insurance Firms, Fortune 500 Companies, and Other Service-Oriented Businesses

Many telephone manufacturers offer maintenance plans for a limited time period. Once the specified time period is over, the business must find another support plan. Even when a business has an active plan, the high costs can be crushing. Telcom & Data, a leader in phone support and maintenance, is pleased to offer professional and affordable maintenance solutions. Telcom & Data has been delivering phone system support plans for 15 years and has over 1600 technicians nationwide.

Telcom & Data provides support for the entire phone system including circuit packs, processors, telephones, and voice mail. Maintenance is delivered by highly trained certified technicians. The plan includes free 24/7 alarm monitoring and help desk support. The right parts are always available because a spare parts kit is kept on site.

John Blake, from Rogers Memorial Hospital, said, “Telcom & Data has been providing 24 hour mission critical services for many years. They were able to reduce our annual phone maintenance costs by over $13,000.00 a year.”

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