USB Phone Recorder for Attorney’s, Doctors, Day Traders, and Sales Professionals

USBRECORDTelcom & Data, a leader in business phone systems, is pleased to introduce an affordable and easy-to use USB Phone Recorder. The recorder is ideal for keeping accurate records of important phone conversations such as conference calls, interviews, and sales calls. The phone recorder gives professionals peace of mind and business power. It ensures contractors deliver on price quotes and verbal agreements are kept. Moreover, the device guarantees important client information is never lost. It easily records calls right to a PC or laptop. Small and medium sized businesses and home office workers will especially love this product because of its ease of use and simple set-up. The device is perfect for attorneys, doctors, brokers, day traders, contractors, and salesmen.

The USB recorder boasts many great features. The recorder is small and can be easily stored in a laptop bag. The recorder and accompanying software takes less than 10 minutes to install. Once connected, users can record outbound calls, inbound calls, and even room conversations with the simple push of a button. Recorded calls can be played back immediately or they can be saved for later retrieval on your PC. As a further convenience, the sound files can be sent to others via e-mail.

When Ricardo Trinidad, President of Telcom & Data, was asked about the benefits of the recorder, he said, “It’s small and incredibly simple to use. These recorders will allow users to provide excellent customer service, while protecting themselves from false claims.”

For more information about the USB phone recorder, visit Telcom & Data’s website or call 1-800-335-0229.

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