Viking Speaker Phone for School Safety, Screen Visitors and Stop Intruders

Telcom & Data, a leader in emergency communication, is pleased to introduce the VIK-K-1700-3-EWPViking K-1700-3 speaker phone for school safety. School safety is one of the most important issues in America today. By installing the Viking speaker phone outside the entrance of a school, the doors can remain locked and every person entering can be screened.

The K-1700-3 speaker phone is durable, attractive, and easy to use. The unit is made of rugged stainless steel. For outdoor use, Enhanced Weather Protection (EWP) is available. EWP products feature rubber gaskets and boots, anti-corrosive gel filled butt connectors, and urethane encapsulated circuit boards. When a school visitor pushes the call button, a ringtone will be audible and any number can then be dialed. The call screener can then answer the call and ensure the visitor has a valid reason for entering the building.

When Ricardo Trinidad, President of Telcom & Data, was asked about the Viking K-1700-3 speaker phone, he said, “With the recent stories we have heard about in the media, we all know how important school safety is. The speaker phone provides an affordable and practical way to screen visitors and stop intruders from entering.”

For more information on the Viking K-1700-3 speaker phone, visit Telcom & Data’s website or call 1-800-335-0229.

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