Voice Amplification in School Classrooms, a Vital Link to Academic Success

Almost everybody has had the experience of sitting in the back a school classroom and being unable to hear the instructor.  This situation is faced by many students in our schools every day. Because the students can’t hear the teacher properly, they have trouble paying attention, they don’t participate, and they don’t learn the material.  However, this situation can be avoided through use of voice amplification systems.  When using voice amplification, teachers can speak at their natural voice level and students can hear the teacher at an equal volume level no matter where they are located in the room.  It’s a very simple way to invest in our children’s future.

“Long-term studies show that overall scores go up 7% when

every classroom is amplified. (These findings were validated

twice by the U.S. Department of Education [MARRS Project].”

(“The Benefits of Classroom Amplification.”, MARRS-Study Info, 2005)

Teachers that use voice amplification report an increase in student participation, focus, and attentiveness.  These benefits ultimately lead to an increase in academic achievement.  Teachers benefit from voice amplification too.  Educators have reported less fatigue, vocal stress, and absenteeism. 

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Don’t miss the opportunity to give our children the best education possible!

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