Why Allworx IP Phone System pricing is Affordable

Allworx the manufacturer of VoIP phone Systems  has been a favorite of many businesses looking for affordable business phone system solution. especially non-profits. Allworx users recognize the costs over the life term are much lower compared to other systems. Annual maintenance costs on Allworx servers.  Included in over all Allworx support is complete hardware and software support which includes Allworx software updates. When considering a new phone system looking at over systems costs is important.  Telcom & Data has been selling Allworx IP Phone Systems since 2004. Allworx offers several systems for small to medium size companies with one or multi locations.

Allworx pairs big-system features with affordability to deliver real VoIP capability to small firms and medium-sized businesses. Allworx phone systems, including IP phones, Call Assistant and power supplies make state-of-the-art VoIP communications affordable and accessible by leveling the playing field with large-corporation features, easy installation and increased business productivity right out of the box.

Telcom and Data has been one of the premier Allworx distributors since 2003. We offer both hosted and premise-based Allworx solutions. Get a free phone system quote here , shop our Allworx products on this page, or call us at 800-335-0229 and we can explain the advantages of Allworx today!

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  • Jason Beckett

    As the Director of Sales at Allworx, I thought it would benefit anyone else reading this blog to have some clarification on this post. We try very hard to support our partners and have to do everything possible not to commoditize the Allworx brands pricing. While we cannot restrict the actual sales price between a partner and their customer, we do have a policy that there will be a minimum advertised price, and when partners are not follwing that policy they are notified, which is what likely occurred here. We built our company believing that most phone system purchasers are seeking a complete managed solution consisting of an Allworx system along with installation and support services from our partners, and we will do everything to support that business model. That model is inconsistent with a web based sales model. I worked with George and Sandra for many years and we never believed the Allworx system should be designed to be self-installed, which is why we only sell therough authorized partners who offer these services.

    As far as software evolution, we just announced 7.3 software which has a robust set of new features, all driven by our partners requests for ways to make the products better and more competitive, and we are firmly committed to enhancements on an ongoing basis that reflect our paertners needs. For eaxample, we just announced support for MobileLink with Android in addition to the iPhone and so far we have had great feddback from the partners who are using that.

    There is a lot of great stuff coming in the pipeline and we look forward to many years of success with our partners. That is what George and Sandra would have wanted.

    Jason Beckett
    Director, Sales, Allworx

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