Clear One MAXAttach Expandable Tabletop Conferencing phone +2 Exp. Kit

Clear One MAXAttach Expandable Tabletop Conferencing phone +2 Exp. Kit

Model #910-158-500-02


Product Overview

  • Unsurpassed audio clarity 

  • ClearOne’s, market-leading, HDConference audio technology 

  • Proprietary echo and noise cancellation algorithms prevent distracting audio 

  • Full-duplex audio means no cutting in and out 

  • Automatic gain and level controls adjust mic and speaker levels automatically

  • First-mic priority intelligently focuses mic levels based on who is speaking 

  • Adaptive modeling-continuously samples room acoustics for any changes

  • Three built-in microphones array with 360° audio pickup up to 12 feet 

  • Large loudspeaker for rich, clear conferencing or audio playback

  • Ease of use

  • True plug-and-play capability


Clear One’s MAXAttach tabletop conferencing phone is fully expandable and provides unmatched audio clarity. The Superior Audio Performance of this product provides several advantages including effective echo elimination, background noise cancellation, and full-duplex sound enabling participants to speak and listen at the same time without cutting in and out. Audio is kept balanced and consistent with automatic level controls. MAXAttach includes two phone units and can provide full coverage for larger conference phones with its ability to daisy-chain up to four phone units. This product is a flexible solution to conferencing needs with its expansion base option to use the phones in any combination in separate rooms. For unrivaled coverage from the MAXAttach, multiple speakers, microphones, and dial pads can be distributed throughout the room, or rooms.

Clear One MAXAttach Plus Two Tabletop Conferencing:

Link up to four complete phones, not just microphones, for expanded coverage with MAX EX Expansion Kits. MAX EX Expansion Kit Includes phone and connecting cable to expand MAXAttach room coverage (base not included).

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