Konexx Koupler Acoustic Handset Modem Coupler

Konexx Koupler Acoustic Handset Modem Coupler

Model #20400

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Product Overview

  • VELCRO brand touch fastener strap securely attaches Koupler to any telephone handset

  • Two feathered cups swivel and have adjustable separation, providing a tight fit on virtually any telephone handset

  • A supplied coiled telephone cord plugs directly into your computer modem

  • Powered by an internal 9v battery

  • Assures long battery life by drawing power only when the modem is off-hook

  • Compatible with virtually all fax/modems

  • Baud rates as high as 26 Kbps (2400 baud on U.S. payphones with carbon granule microphones)


The Konexx Koupler straps onto the handset of any payphone or telephone, to provide analog data communications at up to 26.4 Kbps. Use this acoustic coupler to send or receive e-mail and faxes, access the Internet or connect to the home office from anywhere in the world.

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SKU 20400
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